Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 2)

@Xlink I think they may have done the Cliffs course at Olympic Club across the street. You know I’m more of a muni gui :wink:

@ChiFFI 1. Ankle is good. This is kind of the final summit to say I’m past it. Would be lying if I said it didn’t play a part in why I want to do it. 2. Hopefully alllllll the funnel pins.

Seriously though, thank you all!


Last day to get in on this merch order for anyone who wants some 2nd city golf club roost gear


Hello All,

My name is Tom Tassone and I’m the founder of the Chicago Golf Tour (‘CGT’). We’d love to have as many NLU guys in the area to come join us in 2023. The CGT is made up of guys like you and I, golf junkies who like to compete and enjoy the game to the fullest. In addition to the 3 traditional tours we offer, we’re also hosting (5) 2 Man Net Best Ball tournaments in 2023 that’ll be open to the public (tournaments will be added to our website shortly).

If you have any questions, please email me at

  • Ryan, thanks for the go ahead on posting this, much appreciated!

Thank you,


So, I moved up here from Missouri last year and never got my Roost situation updated. Who do I need to talk to in order to join 2CGC?


DM me your email and I’ll send you the master Google Sheet and a link to our Discord.


@TomCoyne has an event downtown next month. Link to tickets below.


I have completely lost track of time. I saw this and then April in the invite and was so confused.

Just booked a 12:39 tomorrow at Sydney with a friend of mine. So, if anyone wants to get out midday there are 2 available. Hoping to fly around the course.

Any Northside guys going to be at Lady Gregory’s (Andersonville) for St. Patrick’s Day?


A Holderness and Bourne order is up and running. Order sheet to be posted by the end of the week. We will have five options, three polos and two layers. You can find pics on the HB website. The polos are:

  1. The Anderson in heathered cobalt. (Retail $105)
  2. The Sands in white and windsor. (Retail $105)
  3. The McDonald in white. (Retail $105)

The layers are:

  1. The Betts in heathered gray (pullover sweater, retail $110).
  2. The Sullivan in windsor (quarter snap, retail $145).

How this will happen:

  1. I will send out an order sheet with pictures of the items and give everyone ten days to fill in what they want.
  2. I send that sheet back to HB to get final cost. We get 30% retail for orders of 12-59 and 40% orders larger than 60 pieces. Pieces can be mixed and matched.
  3. I will reach out to everyone with their exact amount owed and we’ll figure out how you’ll get those pieces.

Please bear with me as this is my first time doing this. Doesn’t sound too complicated but we’ll see. Reach out with any questions.



Send it to me also? Want to see if any dates match up. Busy summer but we shall see. Perhaps I can attend a couple things.

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Discord link

Still working getting all events to the events channel, but the 2cgc master spreadsheet is in there.


Bumping from discord


@tigergolftraveler a little late to reply to this here, but if you end up wanting to do the art institute, I have a membership and can get up to 3 ppl in for free, including any special exhibits, as long as I’m around to get you in the door.


Thanks so much. Trip isn’t until May, so I’ll keep this in mind.

In honor of Mudness week…

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100% this over a destination spot that is a little difficult to get to. We did a similar thing last summer with some friends in town. Just killed an afternoon walking through some neighborhoods. Grabbed coffee, walked down the Lakefront Trail. Grabbed a table at a bar/restaurant and had a beer. Then walked 30’ to the next sidewalk bar and again to the next. Had lunch somewhere along the way. Plenty of rooftop bars if the weather is nice. Really good way to see neighborhoods and what it looks like to live here.

Looks like the Cubs game is a 6:15. If you’re doing the architecture tour that day, you could start with that in the AM. Then West Loop for lunch. Then work your way up through Old Town/Gold Coast/Lincoln Park/Lake View to Clark St. for the pre-game madness. You can always grab a Divvy bike, cab, or take the L/bus if the walk is a little much.

If you’re committed to hitting up a brewery, there are better options in terms of quality of beer and location/vibe of brewery than Goose Island.


Come play some golf in the D! Would love to have the Chicago outfit well represented!


Open to any and all suggestions.


Depends again on what part of the city you plan to be in but general consensus top 2 based on beer alone would be Revolution and Half Acre. Other good options are Dovetail, Begyle, Hop Butcher, Hopewell, Off Color, Spiteful and Hopleaf (bar not brewery).