Richmond, Virginia (RVA)

Hello, thought I would start a new thread for RVA. Any NLU fans out there?


There are some in the roll call Virginia thread, I would also check out the RACDG mid Atlantic thread we got a meet up at RNK scheduled for April

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Far, far West ender here. Play out at the Federal Club.


I am thinking about doing a my first VSGA One Day Event this year and was wondering what the atmosphere is really like. From the website I gather all handicaps or skill levels are welcomed but is that really true. Would a higher handicapper enjoy playing or does it get to competive?

Thanks for any feedback.

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Grew up the far west end, now a south side transplant thanks to my wife…

south side transplant. moved here from Alabama about 10 years ago. It’s been hard to find a course here i like. Usually play at Piankatank with my father in law

I was thinking of doing the same, and had the same concerns. I guess there is one good way to find out.

Welcome to the Refuge. I find most of the public spots around Richmond tend to be a bit shaggy. That is a part of why I joined a club, but if you get a bit away from the city, there are some fun spots. (Royal New Kent, Pendleton, Mataponi)

Or, just join Kinloch (and invite me out on your dime).


I’m in the same boat. Actually signed up for the one day event out at Hermitage in October. Figured it’s worth a try.

I feel like if you join Kinloch then you might as well join CCV…Anyone played Royal Birkdale?

I used to play at RCC quite a bit, but the Mrs. would like a house before i blow my wad on a membership.

RVA, what’s up! We’ve got a group of early 30s guys that play out of Independence on an annual membership.

Hoping to get out there and play it sometime soon. Course in good shape right now?

Tarps have been on for a couple of weeks in a row, but it’s almost always in great shape. First two rounds of the Mid-Am are there this fall, so it’ll be in top shape this season for sure.

i had to attend a memorial service for a childhood friend in richmond a couple years back and drove up early that morning from NC and met a buddy from NOVA at Glenwood for a round

it was a pretty cool place with a bunch of history to it…muni conditions, but we had a blast and the ponds had some nice bass in them haha

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What’s up Richmond?

I wanted to give some more details about the event @kpzaga22 mentioned earlier in this thread. The DMV Chapter of the RACDG is having an event in the Richmond area on April 18th. A morning round at Royal New Kent followed by an afternoon round at Stonehouse. We still have a few spots open if any of you fellow refugees are interested. Link to the event thread and sign up sheet are below. If you have any questions about the event feel free to send them my way.

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My understanding from back in the day is it depends on your group, but overall it’s mainly used by older guys to play courses they normally wouldn’t.

And foundry. Most of the guys at kinloch are out at hermitage and/or foundry.

Birkdale is okay, sister (public) club to Brandermill conditions aren’t great but not bad a little longer than BM and the greens are usually okay.

I live in Glen Allen. I grew up in Stafford, worked in the golf industry in Northern Virginia, and had a rude awakening moving to Richmond. Public golf in Richmond is drastically different from private. I played a majority of my rounds on great semiprivate courses while I worked in the industry and haven’t found the same caliber of courses down in Richmond that are open to public play. I was fortunate to play CCV James River Course and that was one of the three Bucket list courses for my time in Richmond, (Federal Club and Kinloch are only 2 left). I think it all depends on how far from Richmond you are willing to drive. I enjoyed Viniterra, Independence, and Magnolia Green, but they are all a bit of a hike.

Welcome to the Refuge.

I also live in Glen Allen, and I am a member at Federal Club if you ever want to come out. They just punched the greens last week, so it isn’t in prime shape at the moment, but I will ping you when conditions get back to normal.

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That is awesome, I truly appreciate it. I look forward to meeting up.