Virginia ExStrantzAganza - RACDG DMV event

The DMV Chapter of the RACDG is hosting an event on April 18th, cheekily called the Virginia ExStrantzAganza. We have a few spots remaining and want to open them up to members of the Refuge.

As you may have guessed from the name, we will be playing two recently restored Mike Strantz designed courses outside of Richmond VA, Royal New Kent and Stonehouse Golf club. Initial thoughts on event format will be modified stableford scoring with a possible team competition mixed in. The link to the sign up sheet is below.

cc: @jdillardwatt @kpzaga22 @lco86 @OldLineGolf @RobertHunter @Smidler @cbass @Harambes1Iron @wardlt92 @peytonmanthing


Just put my name on the list. Now the next question is whether or not I drive down at 5 a.m. or stay the night on Friday.

I am leaning towards heading down from DC on Friday night. It would be a long day having to drive down early that morning and then drive back after 36 holes.

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Agreed. I think I learned my lesson after driving from Orlando to Streamsong in a day (2 hrs) and playing 36. I was dead.

I need to join this society but I will most likely miss this event. Next one I’m in.

Added a plus. Really excited for this event!

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Definitely looking forward to this event but have to ask - is this still on? Are the courses still open for play? I understand we’re 3+ weeks away but want to at least get the discussion out there.
Hope everyone is doing well.

RNK still is selling tee times…dont know what they have in the way of distancing measures
Stonehouse is still selling times as well

I’m in a wait and see just tough to get 20+ folks together while still saying 6 feet apart at all times

Good to know they’re still selling tee times. All MD courses have been shutdown until further notice which is driving the concern…

I totally get it, Virginia is a 50/50 proposition

Hey I posted the below message to another thread regarding the event. I want us all to be safe and healthy. If the situation continues to get worse and the courses do not have good social distancing options, we will reschedule. I am going to keep the tee times for now and we can revisit in a week…my heart says let’s keep 6 feet apart and go launch ‘em , my brain says odds are not looking good.

“Hey guys - hope everyone is staying safe.

As of now the event is looking shaky. Both courses are still open, but since both normally don’t allow walking, I don’t know what they offer in terms of social distancing options, ex. individual carts or permitting waking.

We are still 3 weeks away, and since none of us are traveling more than a couple hours, I won’t cancel the tee times yet. If the virus continues on its current trajectory though, I am guessing this event will need to be postponed. I will check back in a week and we can make a final decision/start discussing alternate dates for the fall.”

Hi everyone,

Due to the continued spread of covid-19 and the shelter in place announcements from DC/MD/VA, the event is going to be rescheduled for sometime in the fall. I am still really looking forward to getting out there with everyone, but we will have to wait a few more months. i will keep you updated once a new date(s) is proposed.

Stay safe!


Just discovered the DMV chapter of RACDG. Are event notifications announced via The Refuge or some listserv? Excited to meet some other local degenerates.


yeah I’d probably be in for this as well

hey @camdenwaydes and @country35 welcome aboard!

We typically announce/plan events through the Refuge. Obviously not too much is in the works right now, but we hope to pick things back up again this summer. While no dates have been selected, I am looking to reschedule the Virginia ExStrantzAganza for either September/October and then plan our annual “The Shut” tournament for this fall.

I included the link to the roll call spreadsheet, sign up when you get a chance. We use this list as a way to make sure all those interested get notified of upcoming events as well as a place for members to reach out to each other if they want to get a game going, etc…let me know if you have any questions.

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I think I did this right. Outa Roanoke VA

Perfect, thanks @JMAGS. FYSA, I live down in Ocean City, MD in case anyone finds themselves down here for vacation and wants a game, let me know.

hey all - I wanted to bring your attention to a RACDG merch drop. The Cad has been hard at work (or hardly working??) putting together some hats, shirts, tees, ball markers etc…and is ready to open it up for the entire RACDG to enjoy. Link is below if you are interested. I tried to tag everyone on the Roll Call sheet from the DMV chapter, but if I missed anyone that you are aware of, please let them know.






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