Refuge Meetup (NYC) @ Rock Spring - 10/24 (tee times begin at 11am)

Fellow Refugees,

We’ve had Refugee meetups in Ohio, Cali, Texas and soon-to-be Charlotte and Aiken. Well it’s time for the center of the universe* (New York/New Jersey) to #getinvolved. (* kidding, or am I? #NYCockiness)

On May 17, 2020 members of the NYC Metro sub-chapter of the Northeast RACDG chapter are going to have a meetup at Rock Spring Golf Club in West Orange, NJ (Seth Raynor design). This will include a very special guest, none other than our favorite #smallshop caretaker, Mr. @MerchCzar

Since the original post (below) was posted we’ve had 38 people sign up and decided it was time to open this up to all refugees. We’re currently considering making this a 2-day event with a night out in the the “city that never sleeps” but more to come on that point.

For those that have yet to sign up, please feel free to add your name and additional information to the below doc.

For everyone, including the people that have already signed up, I’ve created a What’s App chat for this event and below is the link. We plan on having co-chairguis to handle the logistics but most information will be disseminated through that chat so please join.

In addition, we will be following the footsteps of Detroit and raising money for Max, @tchap80 and GFPD. Todd is actually having his annual golf event the same weekend in Illinois and, since befriending Todd on IG last fall, I’ve become infatuated with Max and his story. While we don’t force anyone to make donations we ask that you visit the attached link and make donations as you see fit (

Original post:

What’s App Link:

Google Doc:


Let’s goooo, I’m looking forward to this. Willing to host some of those that travel in early at my club


There will be floor / sofa space available at Casa Zocco (Casbah 2.0)


Very in on this, will be pushing hard for a Saturday the 16th meetup as well somewhere close to both rock spring and NYC.

Just so happens I will be in NYC 5/16-5/21. I will be very busy and it would be pretty irresponsible of me to join in the festivities… I will absolutely consider it.


Really looking forward to this… I’m only a 20 min ride from Raynor Spring and have to pass Newark/East Orange to get there. I will gladly shuttle some guise to and from the course that are taking trains.

If you put Yes for transportation please put location where you are coming from and additional people you can take

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Obviously can have a quick shuttle if the train is close by as well

Shouldn’t have to say it but No Drinking and Driving

Looking to make this one work - hope it lines up with travel.

Going to be fun! Big thanks to @HibernatingBear for getting this together


Very pumped for this. Will this be an NIT qualifier as well?

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Let’s operate under the assumption of no


Should be in for this! Great idea boys

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Rock Spring is really good!


I think you meant “the big apple”. I hear that’s what the locals call it!

First post in a while for a long time lurker here. Would love to be a part of this if it is still scheduled, due to the current events. Rock Spring has essentially become my home course since they went public last year, figured there was no better place to #getinvolved with the refuge!

Awesome, good to have you @privacy! I haven’t officially cancelled/postponed it yet but it’s pretty much a guarantee that it will not happen in May.

With that said, there is a HUGE contingent here that loves Rock Spring and plays there as much as possible. Not sure if you’ve seen the RACDG thread yet but feel free to DM me and I can add you to the what’s app for the NYC Metro chapter and give you other details

@HibernatingBear great! thanks for all the extra info–looking forward to getting out there once these restrictions are lifted!

We’ll be back with a vengeance



All, it goes without saying but due to our current situation with COVID19, this event is officially postponed until further notice. We’re working with the TOUR, PGA, USGA, Augusta and the R&A to determine a schedule that works for all parties. Please be advised we have our best men on the case and hope to have answers soon. In the meantime, all the best to you and your family during these difficult times and be safe, stay home!!