Roll Call - Metro NYC

Hey everyone - first time posting as a new member.

Williamsburg based, I’m a regular at 5 Iron (hit balls a 1-2 mornings every week) and recently started to visit Cinderella Story a bit in Williamsburg on the winter weekends.

Looking to join a club (Long Island most likely) this Spring if anyone has good recommendations. I’ve had the chance to check out a bunch as well if you have questions (Lake Success, Sand Points, Muttontown, Seawane, Lawrence) and have been calling around/getting pricing on some others.

Have a car here, always down for a drive when things get a bit warmer.


Welcome and I am in the neighborhood, at 5i 2-3 times a week but usually mid-day, but maybe we can find a time to meet up, along with anyone else who’s around / interested / a member. I’m usually at flatiron, you?

As far as clubs I can’t comment there as much, but always up for a round around the city. I tend to favor weekdays given family weekend obligations which I know can be tough but if you’re ever up for a early round at Bethpage or a twilight round at ferry point, I try to get a round a week in that way.

Friends is a member of sands and really likes it FWIW, young GUI ~28/29

What’s the deal with Cinderella story?

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@Jack11211 It is a new membership club in Williamsburg. 2 bays, both are Golfzon simulators. Very different—floor moves based on lie and has more euro/asia courses vs US.

Cheap base membership and then you pay for usage. The online booking is a mess, but usually reliable to call ahead and grab a time. Hit me up if you want to check it out at some point.



As appointed captain of the NYC Metro Subchapter of the Northeast Chapter of the RACDG (that was exhausting to write), I’d like to proudly announce our first “official” event of the 2020 season which will include a very special guest and fellow New Yorker (by way of the ATL) Mr. @MerchCzar.

The date and venue are below and I will come back with further detail once I have the number of people solidified. If you’re interested please add your information to the attached Google doc (my first time creating a google doc so let me know if it’s not working). I’m going to close “registration” on March 31st.

Please note: this will just be a set of back-to-back tee times but we’ll make sure to play some sort of game (maybe I can convince @MerchCzar to snag a few prizes from the pro shop)

When: Sunday, May 17th
Where: Rock Spring Golf Club
Time: TBD
How much? Greens Fee (~$89)
Deadline to enter: March 31

PS - I’m working on another event for mid-June on Long Island and should have more information in the coming weeks.


At 9 people already… let’s get it to 24

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And, as a reminder, for anyone on here that isn’t part of the RACDG please feel free to join and shoot me a DM and I can get you added to our What’s App chat.

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@Coop I’m down you in?

Love it. Great job Chris. Thanks for setting this up. I’m in.

All signed up. I’m ready to show the Merch Czar what real speed is

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Signed up

Thanks for coordinating! Sounds awesome

A Raynor track too. Strong opening. Very strong.


What until you see what else I have up my sleeve Your Grace.


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I’m in. Nice work on this Chris.

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Sorry if this was posted earlier, can’t seem to find it -

Joined the MGA e-club yesterday and when I received the confirmation email, my GHIN # was blank.

I sent them an email but haven’t heard back yet. I assume this has to do with the WHS migration but I figured it’d be ironed out by now.

Anyone have a similar issue?

Won’t be able to make this one but am definitely looking forward to #gettinginvolved with future events and meeting everyone

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