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So my F-in-L has been part of a standing Saturday morning tee time at Blue Hill Golf Course in Pearl River (NY) for years. I’ve been joining for as many Saturdays I can each year. F-in-L is now retired as are all the other guys that play and they aren’t taking as many slots, so if anyone is interested in getting into a 7:18am tee time, DM me.

Last year we had 8 Saturdays (May-September) and I want the group to get back up to 12 Saturdays. I played 4 times last year and I’d guess that there will be a handful of open slots in the foursome that I’m happy to speak for on part of a Refugee.

Group is a nice mix of mid-to-high handicappers with classic old man games. 6/6/6 Nassau every time out with junk and presses. Sometimes skins if it’s only 3 guys or someone can’t stay for lunch. Any money won gets put on the table toward the lunch/bar bill post-round.

My review of Pearl River – 3 9s. Pines and Lakeside the strongest, but Woodlands still fun. Good mix of holes, course in better than average public shape I’d say, easy/pleasant walking course, no waiting on tee boxes, and price is great ($61 to walk). Can go into a lot more detail if you are interested.


Is anyone in any of the Five Iron Golf leagues? I’ve always wondered if my 16-18 handicap self would be way out of place.

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Played Blue Hill for first time last year - agreed, good value and meet up spot if your group is split between north NJ and NYC.

Funny story - a guy in the group behind ours aced the par 4 #4 on Lakeside. We were walking off, heard it hit a mound next to the green and turned to see it roll on and fall in. (That’s wild man.)


Wow–that is legit. Did he fly it way over the trees and cut the dogleg corner there on 4? 6 on Lakeside is my absolute nemesis.

Yep, exactly… cut over the trees, bounce off the mound between trap and cart path one hop and roll to the back right pin.

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FYI - for those that haven’t seen the new thread for the Rock Spring event, please see below and join the Whats App. More news to come in the coming days/weeks

Hello New Yorkers, transplants and tri-state commuters! My name is Jack and I am looking to #getinvolved. I started playing golf last year and am definitively a high handicapper, but am doing my best to improve my scores and acquire golf knowledge. I hit balls 2-3 times a week at 5iron Flatiron, am a weekend regular at the Pitch & Putt. My goal is to play more full courses this season and develop some new friendships along the way. If you’ll have me, I’d love to join in the fun here and play at the meet ups. Warm regards,


Heck yeah, you’re very much welcome. You sound like @Zocco about a year ago and he’s a legend.

Honestly, you should be speak with @Zocco offline and get some advice on steps to take

Also, #getinvolvwd with the RACDG and our what’s app chat (golf is the thing we talk about least. DM me about that if interested)

The Royal & Ancient Company of Dishonourable Golfers - Golf Society

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Haha, Thanks! I’ve added myself to the RACDG list and am looking forward to the good times that will surely lead to.

ths MGSC looks like a new version of Eligo, TheRota Club or Soho Golf Club. it does look like they’ve aligned themselves with some people with real industry experience (like Eligo) as well as some financial backing (1 of the male founder’s whose profile says he’s a scratch golfer is actually a scratch @ bayonne, so he’s got game and $)… but if you look at its tier 1 membership, it’s about half the price of an annual eligo membership, which leads me to believe you won’t get the same quality of access that eligo can provide.

eligo can provide that access because the annual dues are on par with those of mid-level NYC area clubs, and therefore they’ve been able to essentially “join” certain clubs in the nyc area that would top 50 in the met. that’s how eligo can host its season championship at a place like essex county cc. the pricing for this MGSC is closer to that of a rota club or soho golf membership, where your access is at places like engineers (teetering on the brink of NLE since RXR now owns it) salem golf club (a for-profit club, not member owned).

moreover -, they incorporated in October 2018, meaning they spent all of 2019 sitting on the sidelines, likely evaluating the market, building the company and strategizing. it will be interesting to see how they do. at the end of the day it’ll only be as good as the access it can provide, not just with quality of courses but with prime weekend times and ease of booking. with any of these programs that aren’t peer2peer, the program’s the liason between its member and the club. putting a request in on a tuesday and not knowing what time you’ll be playing until friday isn’t ideal.


they also missed the week for announcement of where events would be.

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asking for a lot of money while providing this disclaimer.


Not sure i would be comfortable putting up the funds without having at least an idea of where i could play or without the “clubhouse” actually being built and more that just an artists design on a website.

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Yeah way way way out unless I get an off the record conversation

more digging does show that your funds you put up front are held in escrow until the clubhouse it built

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Well that’s great! (No it’s not actually great)

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a number of these services say this. my guess is if you take the time to apply for membership & talk to them, they’ll divulge the current club list. and i’m sure if you wait long enough, said club list will end up on the internet in due time, as they always do in the netherwebs of golf forums.

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So many different WhatsApp groups!

Guess we need someone to go in with Mission Impossible recording glasses and get The List

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Hey all! Native Hoboken’er that moved to China last year that has returned due to Coronavirus. Looking to get a few games while I’m home! (Hopefull not for too long!)


Played Flushing Meadows Pitch n Putt yesterday… just love the vibe there. So fun to try rattle off as many birdies as you can with a backpack full of beers and a speaker. Even though there a few holes that are completely forgettable, I could easily play there once a week.

Would people here be interested in doing a week-night meetup or league when the weather warms a bit and they put the lights on? Would be great to get the competitive juices flowing and get the wedges dialed in