@ChickPhilA’s got it! It’s basically our way of organizing and setting up some regular play and competition within the local Philadelphia region.

I’ve added you to the group, so you can see all of our private group threads here. Feel free to poke around and give me a shout if you need help with anything!

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Hold up, are we getting a wrap around season going this fall?!


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Not sure where you’re located but Wyncote has a pretty good practice facility

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@MikeRevak @ChickPhilA thank you both!

Also - does anyone know where I could get a persimmon driver in the Philly area? Not really looking for anything expensive. Has to be a lefty too. Not sure if there are any shops people would know of.

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Not sure locally where to get them. Check out this thread - or the barter/Silk Road threads. Someone on the board may have what you’re looking for!

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I don’t know of anywhere locally either, but I got my lefty persimmons on eBay. Just had a saved search set up and I’d check the email whenever something new got listed.

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You’re a lefty too?? Do people always tell you you’re on the wrong side of the ball? I get it at least once a week


Haven’t heard it once during any of our group meet-ups, but I hear it at least a few times every Monday when I’m hitting balls on the range after work and members see me and walk over.

“Thanks Floyd, everything does look so much more confusing from over here!”


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Anyone planning to see @Pooshdaddy next week at Franklin Music Hall? Contemplating grabbing some last second tickets.

@Pooshdaddy hook us up!


I had no idea he was coming to the area!! Hell yeah

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Anyone interested in playing tomorrow morning?

Fuck, man

I’m checking out the mini-Golfer’s Journal event at Jeffersonville in the AM. Want to see how a rival group puts on an event there haha

Not Philly, but close enough and I couldn’t find a thread specifically for Delaware…

Heading to Wilmington for the BMW next week, staying the weekend. Think we’ll be smack dab in the center of ‘downtown’ Wilmington.

Looking for recommendations for extra curricular activities outside of the tournament golf (restaurants, breweries, other attractions etc).

Constitutional Yards has a great atmosphere for drinking and other activities with a bunch of restaurants around it. The Trolley Square part of Wilmington has good night life. Claymont Steak shop had a pretty decent cheesesteak years back. Makers Alley is a good vibin spot downtown as well!


I know most of you will either be watching the BMW or the Eagles on Sunday, but is anyone interested in getting out to play instead?