Match Play Atop the Hill at Stoneleigh

Match Play Atop The Hill

Hey everyone,

@Shankapotomous and I would love to invite you all to Stoneleigh on Sunday 11/14.

The tournament will be a match play event. Stoneleigh is a wonderful course out in Western Loudoun County, VA.

Right now the course is asking us just to think of a date and come up with a good number of folks, so we want to see who would be interested for a breakfast or lunch that includes random drawing of two teams and then followed up by 18 holes of best ball play.

Stoneleigh is gorgeous in the fall and provides some real risk/reward that is great for match play.

This area of Virginia sits beneath the Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Mountains so expect awesome views of the mountain foliage.

The signup/interest form is below!

Match play


Any interest in some merch? I may have a friend who can make ball markers. In addition, I was thinking of having the option of hats and t shirts as well. Let me know your thoughts!

Also, for those of you with a little bit of a drive coming in, I have a few friends in the area with Airbnb’s that I can try to set up for Saturday night.


Y’all know you want some


These views really can’t be beat


Ultimate match play hole?

Maybe the 7th at Stoneleigh.

Down hill, multiple tier green, drivable par 4.

Red = 200
Green = 275


@sundaybag would it be possible to maybe get some merch going for this event? Would love your help with this

Would love to help however we can.


Awesome! I sent you a message

Sounds great–been curious about the course for some time and always great to meet new folks. Hopefully the timing works out.


Nice. You live in the area?

I’m so happy I joined. So many courses with straight forward holes, I enjoy the elevation changes and crazy tiered greens.


In DC, so not super close but within striking distance.

Well if the date doesn’t work. Just let me know. We’ll get you out.

12th hole. Good 15-18 yards uphill for the second shot. Par feels like a birdie.

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I finished this hole with a bogey today and celebrated lol

Good ol’ #2. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had my ball ricochet off the old stone wall beneath this elevated green but damn when you finally do make it to the top it’s hard to beat these views

Any movement on this one?


As of now the date is still ours. The course has given me a price per golfer for strictly golf and carts already.

I am currently waiting to hear back on what the pricing would look like if the round were to include food and beverages. Is this something everyone would be interested in? Or are we all looking to just get out and golf?

Also it’s also not too late to take a small merch order through a company local to me if anyone is interested.

We didn’t have much engagement in this thread before so some of these things I didn’t know which direction to proceed in.

@drh1016 any idea if they will let people walk if they prefer that over a cart?