Iowa Strapped - Rebranding to The Butter Cow


Subject to Change
August 12-13, 2022

Friday AM: Coldwater Golf Links
Friday PM: Veenker Golf Course
Friday Evening: Cooold beers.

Saturday AM: Waveland Golf Course
Saturday PM: Iowa State Fair where we’ll “shower the eastside women with free alcohol.”

Coldwater will be a “practice/money round”. Gamble at your leisure.
The “Bolt to the Bud Ten Blowout” will be a 36 hole Quota game starting at Veenker and finishing at Waveland. We are going to try and make this an NIT Qualifier. Prices are still TBD as we will be working with courses to coordinate all of the rounds. Accommodations will be on your own. Maybe you can snag an Airbnb where the host will let you grab an apple for breakfast.

We all know @MerchCzar, @Randy & @djpie are all very busy, but in the immortal words of Mr. Piehowski: “We’ve all vowed to make it back to the Iowa State Fair at some point.”

Big thank you to @Sweet_Cupn_Cake, @ZachR, and @cmaherw for their expertise, input and…trivia skills.

Just a thought, how cool would it be to try and successfully organize an Iowa State FAIRway Weekend in August 2022 to play a few of the original Strapped courses & throw down some col’ beers in the State Fair Bud Tent with the women of East Des Moines?



Could coincide with my high school reunion.

Might as well be a bulls eye.


I only just attended my very first NLU event last month, so if I were to be involved in such an undertaking, I would need assistance fom more experienced Refuge members.


I’d be thrilled to join and or attend, and other Iowan refugees in certain would love it. Instant sherpas.


I am definitely down, I love Des Moines and I could bring the wife too!

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Very interested but weekends in August might be too full for me

The first large refuge event started as a text, then a thread, then a credit card on file for a course rental, then 50 people, then a cause worth organizing for, then a lot of other pieces that just happened. All in a really really really niche mid tier city in Ohio. There was zero experience needed!!


As a Des Moines local I am all for this. Would be happy to help out as much as possible.

Waveland is smack dab in the middle of Des Moines, while Veenker and Coldwater are 30-40 mins north of Des Moines.


If there is sufficient interest & this gets off the ground, then I will definitely be reaching out.


At this time, I cannot confirm or deny rumors that an event at Veenker would be named the Glory Hole Open.


@cmlink47 and I have room for 2 this Saturday at 8:50 at Veenker if anyone wants to join. Then Ill be heading to the fair. Next weekend is the Ope’n at Lawsonia so Id be gone.

Edit: this was set up earlier in the week randomly. Not sure if other times are available around us for more. Would be fun though.

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What is a 30 - 40 minute drive amongst internet friends.

Hell next week, I am driving halfway to Sioux Falls from the Twin Cities to play Dacotah Ridge and give @CMick26 a ride to meet up with @Sweet_Cupn_Cake at the Lawsonia event.

I wish I could say I am doing this because I lost a bet, but trust me when I say your crazy golf trip plans don’t diminish with age. You just have a bit more money for gas and the golf!


There’s the Iowan I was thinking of…

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Strapped Iowa: Redux?


Oh yeah it’s nothing at all. I was getting way ahead of myself and thinking out some logistics

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Connor knows I’ve thought of doing this before and he was game then…

We’ve seen the success of the Strapped Peoria Redux event…

Seems like a no-brainer to do this up right, invite @djpie @MerchCzar and @Randy to at least come experience the Iowa State Fair.

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Essentially, but I like my Iowa State FAIRway dad pun. Also, I don’t want to co-opt the Strapped: Peoria Redux moniker, but attending that event did plant a seed.

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It’s pretty good….

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Thanks. I was rewatching Strapped: Iowa & the State Fair storyline stood out & it occurred to me that could be a hook to get some people to travel to Iowa in August.