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The Carolinas Chapter of the RACDG would like to announce the Hyland Hootenanny.

When: Saturday, August 22
Where: Hyland Golf Club, Southern Pines, NC
Time: 8am
Field Size: 48
Cost: $30 walking, $40 cart/$50 solo cart

The event will be gathering funds to donate to Folds of Honor, a military charity providing scholarships to family members of fallen soldiers. More info on that within the spreadsheet.

The plan for the day will be a morning round at Hyland Golf Club, just outside Southern Pines, with the game being a blind draw 2 gui team, most NET birdies wins. Afternoon rounds will be played at various locations around the Pinehurst/So Pines area based on personal preference. Various Carolinas RACDG members will be taking the lead on setting up groups and games for those rounds. Finally, an evening get together at Longleaf for night putting on their putting course. The outdoor bar is reserved for us from 8-10p.

Friday and Sunday rounds are strongly encouraged and can be set up amongst ourselves.

Stay tuned for event logo and further details.

An update and message from @rkris
Hello everyone:

If you’re coming to town Friday PM and want to get a round in at Longleaf please use this link to sign up. We should be able to get four tee times starting at 3:30pm. Walking rate will be $20 and riding rate will be $42. I’d suggest riding in August! The front side is an awkward walk that I do with a pushcart (lots of hills, two tunnels, a couple real hikes green to tee), but it can be tedious when it super hot and you have 36 planned for the next day.

Please make sure to get your name in by 8/7, I’m going to set up four tee times.


Looking forward to it!

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This event will be a lot of fun. Hyland is my favorite Pinehurst area deep track, it’s a great example of a Sandhills course, every hole is a birdie opportunity, and very affordable

Aerial views

Some photos of past rounds at Hyland


I appreciate the CC Mr. President-Elect, but I have a trip the weekend before, and I can’t do back-to-back with work, so you’ll have to count me out. Sorry!

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There is a rumor that night putting may be involved.


On a scale of 1-10, how close is this to tobacco road in terms of playability?


Depends on where Tobacco Road is on the scale in your mind. If TR is a 1 in playability according to you, I’d rate Hyland a 8.

Hyland is a fun and fair course. I’ve come close to breaking 80 there a couple of times.


This event will be a perfect chance for a strapped level meet up with c-suite vibes in the afternoon… chances to knock Tobacco Road, Mid Pines, Pine Needles, etc off your played list.

And yes, night putting could be a real thing… sign up, find out! #getinvolved


Hell yes! This will be fun. Played Hyland last weekend and it was a delight, seemed like a fair example of the Sandhills. Can’t wait to hear about some of the potential afternoon shenanigans as well, tons of options and Hyland is perfectly located for all of them.

Gonna encourage @SlewisFPV to #getinvolved for his first full refuge meetup.

Some of the boys from last weekend with a dasterdly pin position.


If there’s anyone trying to go in on an AirBnb or something, let me know. Or if there are any locals that would be willing to provide a couch for a young broke gui, let me know also haha

AirBnbs look reasonable. There’s one that looks to be right beside the golf course for $85 a night that accommodates four

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I shot an 89 there recently. It’s supremely gettable.


Are you the low country version of @raleighdawg?


Must be! I went to school down there, but live in Greenville SC now

I am absolutely not a Georgia fan. Want to make that clear.


@raleighdawg will not be happy to hear that.

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At first I thought you were asking if he was a version of me because he said I was young & broke and was ready to be offended. Then I saw the username.

@charlestondawg, best buddy of mine used to work for the Citadel athletic department so we’ll let it slide.


I didn’t even see this part! Everyone can just Venmo me now. Thanks.


Open to anyone?


Can’t wait.

What are people thinking for the Saturday afternoon round?