Roll Call: North Carolina

Hey man, I’m pretty close to you in Jacksonville. Let me know if you are ever in Onslow county and we can catch a round together!

@franklinorr That would be awesome man. I live about 30 minutes from Rock Creek but I have never played it and always wanted to but most of the guys I play with either stay and play around Wilmington or up around Goldsboro. Thanks!

Hey Charlotte area as well and frequent those tracks often. My story is very similar to yours. @RonniepND


Live east of Charlotte and play tracks like Stonebridge, Old Sycamore, Monroe etc. Finally have more time to play with everything going on, so hit me up if in the area for a round.


Just checking in here… I’m just getting started with learning how to play the game. Charlotte area.
Actually live in SC near Ballantyne and did the New2Golf School a couple of weekends ago at the Golf Academy. Have been to the range a couple of times since then and will dip my toe into Par 3 type things soon. As a side note, if anyone has some older clubs they’d like to part with, I’m all ears.


@Brad123 @bluehose

Welcome to the refuge fellow CLT golf sickos! You should #GetInvolved in our Carolinas WhatsApp threads and the Carolinas chapter of the RACDG (cc @Hitchings21 and el presidente @Double_Bogey_Dave )

I’d also recommend checking out and strongly considering attending the upcoming meetups we have in the Carolinas.


Just got email from Verdict Ridge for their aerification

Monday & Tuesday- Closed (July 13th & 14th)
Wednesday- Friday $34 per player (July 15th-July 17th)
Saturday- Sunday $49 per player (July 18th & July 19th)

they would have to pay me $34-49 to play hole 7 again


Have you played eagle chase? Played front 9 while passing thru on travels, was a very hilly fun course. Check it out.

Yeah that’s actually my “home” course.

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Brad -

I live over in Ballantyne and am down to play whenever. Give me a shout @

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Which hole is 7? The course did not do much for me

Sharing because I know some of ya’ll sickos would enjoy this - - - $25 round on the Cradle. It’s a cool fundraiser for the local First Tee.

*sidenote: not my favorite Cradle fundraiser, which was when they let people bring their dogs a few years back to benefit the humane society.


7 is the hole where you try to lay up on the left side, and the ball rolls all the way down onto the right side, leaving you with a shot over a hazard area. One of many terrible holes on that course (the dogleg left where you have to lay up and have about a 10 yard window to not be blocked out is another notable one).

I played it years ago and remembered it being good, this year it was the worst design I’ve played this side of Carolina Lakes.

thats awesome man

Or you could hit a good driver that funnels straight down and only have a 60 yard wedge shot :man_shrugging:t3:

New to the Refuge and live in Winston-Salem, NC. Been in the area for long enough where I have played most of the courses in the area although I have not played the Cardinal which seems to have come up a couple of times on here.

Seem to play Reynolds Park, Tanglewood, Salem-Glen, Meadowlands and Oak Valley the most. Enjoy going out to different places.


Welcome to NC! Make sure to get on @Double_Bogey_Dave’s RACDG group chat - - -great way to hook up with other Refugees in the area. There are a lot of guys in your part of the state.


What’s up Michael. Welcome! @Blackngold35 and I are in Winston. I play at Bermuda Run and Phil plays Tanglewood mostly. We’re organizing something in GSO at Bryan Park for 7/19 if you have interest. Shoot us a message and we’ll get together!


welcome Michael!

im in HP and play all over the triad as well. hope to see you around sometime