Golden Age Classic III - June 11, 2022 at Cedar Crest in Dallas, TX

I think you got the wrong guy. I did not sign up for this.



Sorry man. Hope you’re doing well!

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Doing great, but now jealous I’m not gonna be rocking up to this sick event


I’m going to have to bow out this time around unfortunately as it falls on the wife’s birthday. I’ll have to pass my spot on to the first alternate.

Don’t want to stir up anything, but a day or two ago I could have sworn I was third alternate on the list and now I am 4th. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying enough attention to names in front of me to know what changed (and maybe it was the mods changing the order or something idk) but maybe the owner of the Google Sheet can look at a previous version from maybe Sunday or late last week to see what changed? I swear I am not crazy - but maybe I am, who knows. I think @Jason_Long has been right behind me on the list the whole time so maybe he can corroborate my story.

It probably doesn’t matter anyway, just a reminder to not be scummy. Love you all!

I can answer that, and it’s a fair question. In an effort to do what I thought was most fair, I put @snaphookleft (but put his wrong handle) at the top of the alternate list. He was one of the first players to sign up for the event, he withdrew, and then almost immediately let me know he found out he had no conflict, but I had already filled his spot. In my opinion, especially given his prior history of signing up and paying promptly for events and merchandise, I felt like he deserved the benefit of the doubt under the circumstances to be next in line. Also, I’m pretty sure I put him on the alternate list at least a couple weeks ago, but honestly don’t know. I know I talked to him about this 2-3 weeks ago.

I can see it both ways, and certainly understand if others might think that was unfair, but that was my best judgment.

This is the first time we’ve remained this full and fully paid up this far out from the tournament. Next year, if demand and our group keeps growing, we can look into expanding the field for this event or even upcoming other events. In prior years, I’ve been scrounging to fill the field last minute and get everyone to pay, with a lot of money I’ve put upfront. It’s awesome we’re growing, and I hope that we are welcoming to newcomers or those who are somewhat less involved.

If you don’t get in to the field, especially if you’re local to DFW, I strongly recommend you join our local WhatsApp chat. It’s a very easy way to grab casual rounds with people throughout the year, and you will be more quickly plugged into events as they’re being conceptualized and planned.

Input is always welcome, as is volunteering to start something new.

Happy to hear thoughts if anyone has any issues too.


Also, if you’re currently looking for other events to join:

Texas Cup at Pine Dunes this weekend still has an open spot for Team Houston - spot is available to the first person who joins.

2022 NLU Texas Cup (Frankston, TX): 2022, May 13-15 - Still at Pine Dunes - Signup Post #77 - Events - No Laying Up

June 5 - Big Plex’s first Couples Scramble, hopefully to be a monthly outing

Big Plex Couples Scramble - Events - No Laying Up

If you haven’t already, sign up for the Big Plex Roost here

Big Plex Roost/Local Chapter - Google Sheets


That makes total sense and I think is completely fair in this situation. I think the people that do a great job organizing these events should have some ability to exercise judgement when stuff like this comes up, so no problems here. I would just encourage transparency on things like this if they arise in the future because the last thing anyone wants is to be starting a false witch hunt on the internet.

Appreciate all you do and I will continue to wait and hope that more guys forgot their wives were born on June 11!


Yeah normally I’d post something as a heads up, just been way too many plates spinning for me this spring and forgot to do so. Was not intending to hide anything, and I try to have all information on the sheets and the threads.


To that end, @snaphookleft you’re officially off the alternate list and back in your spot. Hit up my venmo.


Just had a WD. @golfinbruin you’re up next. Let me know if you’re in.

If anyone knows Justin Withey, non-refugee who played in the Ice Bowl, tell him he needs to pay his entry fee.

I’m in! Will send the Venmo now.


Received, glad to have you!


Justin is out this year

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Thanks. @jstuddog - you’re next up. Let me know if you’re in.

I’m in.

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Great! Hit up my venmo and you’re locked in.

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