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I’ve always been a pen and paper person during workouts. I still do that and do the Whoop tracking now for about a week cumulative so far. It’s definitely more tedious to click start set, end set, etc as someone mentioned. I agree with that. It does also help me be more aware of my rest periods to keep them tighter.

I don’t like that the library of exercises seems to be missing some things I thought would be pretty basic. It wasn’t too tedious to set up my workouts. I haven’t yet toyed with editing them “live” based on actual results, but imagine it’s just more phone time and tapping.

I often “get lost” if I’m Resting or In Set during super sets.

Kind of cool that it asks for your RPE score at the end too. I like the tonnage. I like the improved strain tracking.

Given Whoops track record of updates, modifications, and more I’m going to stick with it. If nothing else seeing the tonnage and


Makes sense, not pen and paper, but I have a note on my phone I keep all my workouts in and go from that, so already on my phone a little during workouts for it. I am interested to see the strain with it, because I never struggled to get above 8+ on strain in a typical 45 minute workout; lots of super-sets and AMRAP’s I’m sure help that.

Jumping on the Whoop train… 1 month free trial to start. Have been wanting to try it out but had twins in July ‘22 so figured my stats would be useless.

Fast forward 11 months… got my sea legs somewhat under me. Going to give it a go

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