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I have noticed that more and more guys on tour are starting to wear the Whoop band. I am also noticing that these guys are winning (Rory, JT, etc) while introducing the band to their game. While these bands are obviously beneficial to elite athletes, I am curious if anyone here has experience with them. Are they equally beneficial for the weekend warrior?


Why is it different than a fitbit?

These professional athletes are strapping the WHOOP (rather than a Fitbit or Apple Watch) to their bodies because it provides an enormous amount of data on their performance day and night, in pre-game warmups and during post-game recovery.

WHOOP’s key advantage over other fitness bands is the amount of data this it collects and pushes into the cloud for processing. With five sensors that collect data 100 times per second, the wearable sucks up 100 megabytes of data per user, per day. By comparison, the Apple Watch’s sensors generally turn on just once per minute. But even with all that information, WHOOP’s strength is in its simplicity. After crunching all the numbers (including next-level stats like heart rate variability and sleep latency), the system gives users three metrics to judge themselves against: strain, recovery, and sleep.

I recently noticed this too and have the same curiosity. Is there a monthly fee associated with the band?

So basically, my wife and i could each wear one, and then i’d finally be able to prove to her once and for all, that i’m “doing all the work” if you catch my drift.


$30 a month

$24 a month if you sign up for a year.
This might be the leg up I need to win the Heavyweights challenge. I’m sure they are designed for mid 30s hefty office workers with a sedentary lifestyle.


No PEDs!

Scott Stallings talked about this on one of his podcasts recently. My question is this, when they “study” your sleep, how does on make a conscious effort to sleep “better”?

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i never understood how knowing any of this BS makes you better in any way

the whole fit bit and apple watch craze to me is simply people who want to talk about themselves and post screen shots of how many steps they took that day

oh you took 21,482 steps? congrats


A heart rate monitor for working out, a free sleep cycle app on your phone.

Much simpler. Part of the whoop tech I’ve heard is just measuring how many hours your sleeping and then inferring a recovery rate for that sleep, then adjusting that to test how hard you should work out. I’m not sure if any of that is really needed and heart rate monitor probably can give you all the data you need for the workout and the app what your need for sleep. They used to charge something like $400 bucks a pop for the bands but I guess they are going the subscription model now instead. They are in an interesting spot, pricing wise. Would you rather buy a fitbit for X or do this subscription model as a consumer? Who are they really targeting with this? High end athletes or the every-man? Those are way different marketing and pricing strategies so it will be interesting to see how it shakes out. The really big question is who owns the data? do they own it? does the user? if they do a deal with someone like rory or the nflpa who keeps and has access to that data to test? That’s probably where all the value lies at the end of the day.

That’s a good point about owning the data. I think what appeals to me most about the Whoop is the amount of data you can access. Maybe it’s because I work in tech/data analytics but I am always looking to get more data and information, even if it’s about working out while being a 30 year old fat man.

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I dont have one so i can’t speak to it but I don’t really believe in the “over training/under training” etc. Just looking at the website, which looks really sharp, to me it doesn’t really tell you anything that your body doesn’t tell you already when working out. I don’t see the value in it. The sleep stuff you can get anywhere. The workout stuff you can get with a heart rate monitor. And the difficulty of workout can be accomplished by just working out and knowing if you can go harder or not (also a HR monitor tells you this already)

Maybe I’m just a hater. the name is also just a rip off of Harvard (lacrosse or finals club can’t remember the story) guys yelling “whoop” to be rowdy

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I think the whole thing that Whoop claims is it tracks and measures your Heart Rate Variability better than any other tracker. They then use your HRV, sleep, etc to infer how much “strain” you had that day and how primed you are to perform.

I think there is some iffy science behind HRV stuff, but if it motivates folks to workout harder/more often I got no beef with it. No different than someone paying $500 for a new driver to gain 2-3 yards.


just ordered one, did you happen to get yours already?

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So what’s the verdict?

I ordered mine on Aug 24 with an expected ship date of Sep 2. On Sep 3, they pushed the shipping date back to Sep 9. After not receiving any updates that it shipped, I reached out to them via email (was told to expect 3-5 days for response), Facebook (read my messages but didn’t respond), twitter (said they would update me and never did), and IG (went unanswered). I also tried phone today and they said to email due to high volume.

Due to the worst experience I’ve ever had with customer service, hands down, I sent another email today cancelling my order. I promptly received an email saying they would cancel and refund my order. They never tried to make the situation right.

If the intrigue keeps up or people enjoy them, I may reorder but based on this experience, I can’t support a company that treats customers like that.


so I got mine today, been wearing it for about 8 hours, definitely not uncomfortable, but I guess I can’t really give it a fair opinion until wearing it for a week or two…

the app that goes along with the strap is really well made, besides that, yeah the story you shared sounds like an absolute nightmare!

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So this is interesting, whoop is telling me how much i need to sleep according to how much recovery i need based upon daily strain

Not sure if this is a gimmick yet but def interesting!

Any more reviews? I’m intrigued. If it was half the price, I may not hesitate as much as I am.