Whoop Band | NLU Group Code: COMM-43CE09

Following up on this, after enough Karen-ing, they went ahead and honored the 20% discount on the extension, just had to purchase it and they issued a refund for that amount. I’m in it for another year, after that who knows.


Just came in here to say it fkn suuuucks.

However, I have been through enough Facebook interface updates back when I cared that I hated and then a week later couldn’t remember how it used to be that I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it (I’m sure Whoop will let me know if I do!)


For sure. Literally updated after a workout and I was like what the.

But enjoying it so far. Streamlined some things

Good morning have had my whoop for a month now. Showering with it all the time and haven’t been taking it off. Realizing what a mistake that was any tips to clean the band or anything like that to ease any odors? Just ordered a back up band in case I’m SOL

i get a tupperware container and soak it in very hot water + powdered tide. let it soak for an hour or so til the water is room temp then rinse clean.


Showering with it and it still has an odor? I’m probably 50/50 with taking mine off in the shower or not, but when I do wear it in the shower I’ll give it a little scrub with body wash, mine has no odor (as far as I can tell)


I’m getting back on the whoop train after about 6 months and I think the biggest thing for me was I felt it kept me accountable. My fitness has definitely slipped in the last 6 months, and I know that’s definitely more a me problem, but I think the whoop at least contributed to my accountability.


Getting back on the whoop myself. I love the new alarm aspect with a vibration that doesn’t wake up my wife. Is there still a NLU code? And will it work if I’m returning after a couple years off.