Where did you play this week? (Part 2)

Doing it right!

Snuck in a round at Wailua Golf Course on Kauai last week. Awesome local muni with a super laid back vibe and the requisite views you’d expect in Hawaii. $24 for a weekday twilight round. We like that.


Yeah, not a complaint at all. Just an observation.

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Decided on Saturday to do a last minute Memorial weekend solo golf trip and knock off a few more new courses of my list of courses I’ve yet to play in Montana.

Left the house at 9AM on Sunday morning and over the next 36 hours I drove a total of 800 miles and played 3 courses in Northwest Montana that are not on anyone’s top 10 list but that were each enjoyable in their own way.

  • Mission Mountain - 18 hole course in Ronan. Nothing special but a solid small town course none the less.

  • Silver Fox Golf Courses - 9 hole executive course on the campus of a small Native American college. As executive courses go it was a very solid round for 10 bucks.

  • Cabinet View Golf Club - 18 hole course in Libby (famous for its asbestos superfund site). Original 9 holes are nothing to write home about but I’d put the newer 9 (built in 08) up with almost any other 9 hole side I’ve played in Montana. Great views, great greens, good routing.

If you for crazy some reason find yourself in Libby, I highly recommend playing at least the front 9 (the newer 9).

Here is a pic from Cabinet View #3. The Cabinet Mountains are the source of the name.


Ballamor Golf Club, NJ.


I hope it wasn’t Windy and you didn’t have to blast it out of the traps. Hold your breath or they might add “played golf” to the mesothelioma commercials (I joke)

Having been to Libby several times but never played the Track, I can also attests that it is a very beautiful part of the state. Some of the back roads thru Troy to Sandpoint are amazing to ride you bike on.

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Didn’t get a lot of photos of my Bandon trip, but got this one from Chambers last week. Greens were still healing from an aeration (still in better shape than some at Bandon), but I couldn’t have asked for a better weather day. Shot 79 with a lone birdie on the short par-4 12th, and the typical handful of lipouts and burnt edges.


Played a couple of rounds this week.

A little late to my tee time bc of Memorial Day traffic (I didn’t think ahead as per usual) but still got in 18 at Oak Mountain State Park and shot under 90 for the 2nd time ever. Scrambled my ass off and played it safe with some rock hard fairways.

Today I played a round at The Meadows Golf Course in Harpersville, AL. Course has GREAT potential and cool routing and design but the grass and greens were rough. Played terribly. Gonna have to run it back again soon.


One of my favorites in the area.

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Played Sawgrass today. So cool to see a course from the ground that you only see on Tv. Played like shit. Made par on 17 though :moneybag:

I can’t imagine 17 with millions on the line, but 18 tee shot after 17 was just as scary.


It’s been a good day….


Played Village Links in Glen Ellyn, Il today. Was paired up with Paul, Paul, and John. An unremarkable but enjoyable round.


Formerly New Castle Country Club, now Avalon Field Club.

Caddying for one of my players in the US Junior Am qualifier there on Monday.


Sandia Golf Club in Albuquerque NM


That almost makes me wish I had taken a job at Sandia National Lab out of grad school.

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Heard it’s a great place to work. Course is unaffiliated with the labs though

First experience with golf under the lights and it was a blast. Education City Golf Club in Doha. Played the 9 hole pitch and putt that they have and was a great little walk. Night golf is a completely different experience that makes me wish it was a thing in the US. Being able to have all those extra hours to play would be pretty cool.


You had me at Hill Farmstead… someday…

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Links at Bodega Harbour. Local public course in Bodega California… not a links. But made in the time where the word was just thrown around. When you get over the fact that it’s not a links, it’s just a joy to be able to drive 36 minutes through the Sonoma Country countryside and play on the Ocean… for $57 walking. Here’s some shots as the fog breaks up around 4:00pm today Pacific.

13th Tee

15th Green

Path Down to 16 Tee

18th Green

Ocean Just Off 18 Green


Yeah I met with a Sandia recruiter about a cyber gig while I was in grad school. Really nice lady and seemed like a cool opportunity, except for the part where it paid like 45k and required a security clearance process that could take over a year to complete. Tough sell when other federal agencies were paying double that and the private sector 100k+ with start dates generally being ASAP. Felt bad for her, she was making the most of an impossible situation with DOE hiring policies handcuffing her to some serious dead weight