Where did you play this week? (Part 2)

Little spin around the Willa today


Folks here are focused on the wrong details.

How was the chicken salad at QR?

I can report your beloved guy heard this news in Monaco and is absolutely pumped

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Last weekend @hwb and @NotADoctor and I sauntered out to Corica Park and took part in the greatest 9 point match in the history of golf. @catshannon was there to witness. Steven comes out on top, naturally.


The tree farm is anywhere you have a buck club logo on something.


Played the Tree Farm today. It absolutely lives up to the hype.


Went to RTJ Oxmoor Valley to hit some range balls earlier today and ended up letting my curiosity get the better of me and played their new 9 hole par 3 course, The Back Yard. Really just a pitch-n-putt but very fun with challenging greens and some cool bunkers. Highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the Bham area. If a full 18 at Ridge or Valley is the main course then the Back Yard is tasty dessert afterwards.


Got a round in at Glen Abbey Golf Club, home to one of the iconic Tiger Woods shots, his 6i bunker shot to the green in Oakville, ON, CA.

It’s a pretty fun course, considering it’s a Nicklaus. Some wild elevation changes and tee shots, esp #11. Definitely overpriced but happy to get a round in, considering it might close in the near future.

Vibes were flowing with a trio of 50-something Canadian guys, all ribbing each other, one who kept shooting his shot with the cart girl (found out mid-round he’s recently divorced).

Capped it off with a birdie on the par 5 18, otherwise known as the site of the famous Tiger bunker shot, who went on to win the 2000 Canadian Open.

Tee shot on #11

View from the “Tiger Bunker”


I was fortunate enough the find the time on my trip to Denver to get out with @jcedmonds and @Joliverglass at Pete Dye’s Riverdale Dunes. As you might expect from Dye when working with with an otherwise flat piece of property, there is no shortage of dramatic manmade mounding and grassy hollows. Conditions were wonderfully consistent from tee to green, and the greens were smooth and quick. Unfortunately, some severe weather rolled in and we had to quit on the 13th hole while dodging bolts of lightning beneath some of the loudest thunderclaps I’ve heard in a while. I played quite well even with a borrowed set of clubs and got around the front nine in +2 over par, which for a mid-cap like myself, was quite satisfying.

Thanks to @Joliverglass for equipping me with a really solid loaner set of clubs and thanks to @jcedmonds for capturing some awesome live action photos!


this past week was a good one!


No judgment on course conditions here, but… jesus.

Like someone had a Pringles fight

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Awesome Muni at Jax beach. So jealous.


Springtime, public track, dry climate. Fairways and greens were consistently firm.


That’s also a short par 3 where everyone is going t be hitting wedge or a short iron and so is even more likely than normal to be gouging the tee box.

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That’s why I blade my wedges half the time. For the supers.


That’s so considerate of you! A true class act!

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Played at University of Michigan on Sunday. Took zero pictures. Such a wonderful golf course and great walk.


Congratulations on hitting the fairway on #2.


My dad did. I didn’t lol

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