Waveland Breakfast Ball Club: 2024 (Chicago, IL)

Travel mug for sure.

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I am getting this logo on a terry cloth North Carolina blue tour visor. If it’s a one of one item so be it.

White diner mug. White dad sweatshirt. Loose fit hoodie tee.

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absolutely love it. all the cash i spared by being an alternate will be funneled directly to merchandise. all of it


Someone needs a sub end of May, early June (aka prime season) so pencil in those alternate funds now. Then buy all the merch.


From the Desks of RealChili and BBK
For Immediate Release

To our fellow Breakfast Ballers: we come to you today to announce a partnership strategic alliance unlike any the golfing world has ever seen. It is our distinct pleasure to inform you that Mr. Chili and Mr. BBK will be combining forces in the form of collaborating to occupy only one (1) Breakfast Ball Full-Time role this season. This news no doubt has impacts that will echo through our relationships, our golf, and our league.

As you all may or may not be aware, Mr. Chili will be moving from Chicago to Nashville near the end of May: leaving us for greener pastures, a longer golf season, hot chicken, cold beers, and good music. It just so happens that this timeline is in line with the estimated return of Mr. BBK from the disabled list. As such, the pair have decided to cede one of their two spots, and combine to take on one full spot for the year. This will allow one of our tremendous substitutes to join the gang on a full-time basis.

Mr. Chili and Mr. BBK are not heroes, they are simply upstanding members of the Waveland Breakfast Club, doing what is right and just in the name of Mr. Sydney Marovitz himself. Shoutout to our commish @djheadley, our founder @TeddyPargame, our sponsors, @DunkinCoffee and @McDonalds breakfast sandwhiches, the coyote that lives by 7 tee, and to all of you. We look forward to many sunrises to come.

@RealChili and @BabblingBrooksKoepka


A co-manager situation?


After a private duel in the DMs @JAD was quickest to the trigger and is now the 12th full timer


Alright folks we are five weeks away from some early morning tee times and with that said the sub sheet is now live in the link below. All full timers know the drill if you know your schedule ahead of this summer go ahead and mark which thursdays you will miss with a yellow highlight. All open yell spots are up for grabs for any and all subs just write your handle in there and highlight the cell green. When it comes to that week you juts need to pay/venmo the full timer whose spot you are taking. Cost of each round is $24 bucks. All you have to do Thursday morning is show up to the first tee about 5-10 minutes before sunrise on that date.

I unfortunately will not be at the inaugural 4/14 kickoff as I will be traveling for work that week, but @TeddyPargame is a seasoned coyote and founder of the WBBC and will handle the first week.


I can tell the excitement is growing as we get closer to kick-off. Couple things crossed my mind, and I apologize for possibly speaking out of turn as the FNG if these are already settled/discussed earlier.

  1. Any thoughts on electing, for lack of a better term, a social chair? It’d be a shame if we didn’t parlay our poor golf play into some good times off the greens. This could be outings at 5 iron-esque places or bar crawls, depending on the interest.
  2. On a more personal note, I am thinking of renting a personal bay at this new place PARennial Golf, and if anyone has a shared interest or wants to play some virtual rounds to warm up before the league starts, please feel free to reach out.
  3. This one isn’t a suggestion. The designs look awesome, can’t wait to represent.

Alright folks! I finally got a hold of Mel and I will be paying the for our tee times this week. Quick question for the guis who paid up front. Do you want me to grab the players card when I pay this week and we can work on a way to get them to you ASAP or would you like Sydney to hold on to them and you grab them on 4/14?

Only reason to get them early from me would be that you could use the card to get discounts on golf/range before 4/14.

If you want me to pick it up for you just let me know in the DMs

Lastly, don’t forget to fill out the sub sheet for any pre-existing days you know you won’t be able to make (friendly reminder that it’s really up to you to find a sub/replacement if you can’t make it).Subs just hawk the heck out of the sub sheet. Last year we were really good and only had 3 or 4 rounds the entire year without a full 12 gui squad out there.

(Breakfast Ball 2022 - Google Sheets)


Also one last thing… i am looking for an assistant to the commish who would set up the groupings, start times, and update the scoring at the end for the weeks I cannot make it. It’s a pretty simple, but highly important job and a great resume builder



Can I post this on the 2C Instagram and tag you?


Alright! We are officially paid for! See below for the receipt. Gents who are full time go ahead and go into the pro shop Thursday morning say your with the McCartan Group and get your players card.

After that week in and week out we should just be able to head to the first tee.

@Ballgame and @TeddyPargame will lead you next week as I’ll be in Atlanta for work.

@BabblingBrooksKoepka i picked up your players card… I’m sure we can meet for a beer or something so I can drop it off if not I will safe guard till your return


Where are you going on vacation with these sweet, sweet credit card points?


Report it stolen.

We start next week? Dang may need sub.

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So as the acting @BabblingBrooksKoepka do I just go to the first tee next week?

Yessir! I sent Mel the list of twelve.

@treeputttim as my proxy you’ll do the same as mike