Waveland Breakfast Ball Club: 2024 (Chicago, IL)

Starting a thread to pick up conversations for those that are into the sunrise league we discussed in the “Where my Chicagoland NLU’ers at?” thread

Quick background:

  • Starting in April, very early (as early as they allow) tee times at Sydney Marovitz.
  • Weekday
  • 8-12 guys (or as many as we can get)
  • League/skins game
  • May try to get “more” than our tee times allow, to have guys rotate in every other week. Will depend on numbers.

If we get enough interest we could do different days of the week. Note that Sydney said they’d only allow this on weekdays.

If in, let me know!


of course the winner of the breakfast ball league gets to “bring home the bacon”

i’ll show myself out.


Complete sentence.

Woohoo, confirming my interest here.

For those that are familiar with marovitz, how are they about respecting the tee sheet? For example, at Jackson Park it depends on who is running the pro shop and sometimes they will not let anyone out until the first tee time and other times you get there for the first tee time and there’s 4 groups already in front of you.

I could be in. Easier than driving all the way down to harborside for the morning meeting.

Also, anyone doing this?

That’s a good point and I’m not sure. Would be worth confirming no one would be allowed out in front of us.

The Syd GM would basically sell us the earliest tee time in six week increments. We would need to pay up front, so in exchange for that commitment it’s fair to ask that no one is out in front of us.

Worst is when you get your ass up early and get behind someone slow!

It’s a commitment to a weekly game and a guarantee to meet some other sickos who want to #getinvolved

And I’ll add that I’ll call the GM and make sure we’d be first. Happy to run point here until we get the plane in the air

I hadn’t seen that re the Irish open. Could be fun.

How is the morning meeting attendance and what time are you at work after that?

The morning meeting alleges you get to work by ten in the loop. I haven’t done it - one car and kids that have to go to daycare in the am. Can Uber to SM though.

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If we are teeing off between 6-7 depending on sunrise we should be able to make it into office by 8:30-915ish for me. Manageable

Golf season is almost here. Golf season is almost here. Golf season is almost here.


Depending on the day I might be down.

Walking, right?


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I’d be in for the sunrise 9 as I live close by.

which days would work u think?

Would be in, depending on the days and how my work schedule lines up. Likely more of a “fill in” type than a guaranteed weekly participant

On one hand, it would be nice to have something to look forward to mid week. On the other, a Friday morning 48 would be a spicy way to kick off the weekend.


I’d prefer Thursday my guess is some guys won’t be around Friday mornings.