Waveland Breakfast Ball Club: 2024 (Chicago, IL)

Shocked that not scoring a single round in double figures leaves me on the outside looking in

Edit:almost to double digits this week. almost

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Double birdie double to start was a hell of a way to wake up this morning


Sub needed this week

@TeddyPargame its all yours

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See you all then!


Any tee time requests?

I’ll get the data from last week uploaded this evening and send out tee times at the same time.

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prefer final group, but no biggie either way.


Looking for a sub again for this week :frowning:

If there aren’t any pending sub dibs, I can jump in.


It’s all you

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None for this week

@PinkPantser want to group up next week for ‘The Match II’?

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Later works for me. I’m in no rush to get to work.

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I am out until the 6th(!)

Which reminds me, I just opened up sub spots for the 22nd and 29th for anyone looking

Good morning! As I wait for a new hot water heater to get installed I bring you the latest leaderboard! I’ll be holding off on weekly stats and release them every few weeks so it’s not so repetitive.

@tmstrods looks like a lock for our Roost elect, but if someone in the top 4 hits a big tilt number maybe he gets unseated.

Shoutout to myself who has 8 tilt scores in and is still in 13th with 7 other players ahead of me with less rounds in.

Furthermore, welcome to week 10! We are officially halfway through the regular season. Going to be a very clear morning tomorrow, so first group get there early and you’ll probably get to the second hole before the sun actually rises.

5:05: @Wheel @ChiFFI Bartell and @andrewf
5:12: @TeddyPargame myself, @TheAbeFroman and @WillyK
5:19: @Ballgame @tmstrods @JAD and @treeputttim

See you all tomorrow!


Waveland shoutout on the H&B Instagram



@Setwilli I kid you not I had 0 clue that practice area was even back there … guess I don’t really wake up until the first tee shot

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TBF, only been there 9 weeks for us.


Running late, will be there in time for group 2 or 3.

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Ugh, big mea culpa. For some reason my weekly alarm was turned off.