Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 1)

Indian Boundary is slow as hell even at dew patrol on weekends, but course has been improving. Glad you left off Edgebrook - I haven’t been in a couple years but concrete and mat tees, every par 4 is like 265.
Water’s Edge isn’t great, the walk from 1-2 and 17-18 sucks and 1-2 are pretty tight for openers, but usually can have tees open and deals when everything else is booked and its not the worst place.

I usually start searches with MP, Sunset, Preserve, Rav. I am doing my personal birdie challenge at Black and Syd, so, uh, no comment.


The breakfast ball bois part 2


don’t get me wrong i don’t mind sydney at all, but for the money i would rather drive north and play a course in better condition and play a full 18


Due to scheduling constraints I had to play my matchplay round at Edgebrook last fall. I felt so bad for my partner: on top of making him play there the twosome we were grouped with started bitching about the NBA, BLM, kneeling for the anthem on the second tee. I honestly considered resigning


it is perfect for the occasional pre-work 9 holes


funny you should mention this


this sounds wonderful




maybe we should change it to sunday mornings? :stuck_out_tongue:


The back stretch at Maple (15-16) is an absolute round killer. Two really tough holes, followed by two last chance birdies on 17 and 18 to plug the leaks in your round :rofl:

Really good variety of par 3s there too


Bumping IJGA Masters Pool

Sign up and make bad pics because @djpie said so

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My gotos last year were Glenview Park, possibly the best combination of affordable and close to where I live, Highland Woods, and Schaumburg. I need to get back to Sunset Valley. Love MP but that course just kicks my ass left and right. I once shot 44 on the back and consider that a lifetime achievement.

We played Chick Evans a bunch because a regular of ours was having a kid and it was a quick drive for him, but I don’t know that I would recommend that for anything other than unserious rounds and beers.

Another place I really like for an early 9 before work is Willow Hill in Northbrook. $19 weekday mornings this year, and the people there are really friendly. They seem to be putting a ton of work into the place.


Chick Evans seems to have MEGA Strapped vibes…which the only other course I’ve played that can relate is Valley Green in Aurora.

Looks like there are two in Joliet that also fit the bill - but do y’all have other ~6000yd from the tips courses that are super easy walks and $20-$40 walking ?

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Boone Creek sounds like the perfect fit for this.


Been a LONG time since I’ve played there…but that was a favorite during my IJGA days


Lemme know when you want to take another spin around.

I like to take a day off a morning off every month and walk all 27 holes.

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Great track for sure

yeah i love glenview park too. will definitely have to check out willow hill a few early mornings this year

Hilldale Golf CLub in Hoffman Estates might scratch that itch for you. Right off the expressway and in good condition

are you doing rumspringa? spring valley hits this price point and is a grrrrreat walk.