Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 1)

It was great getting out with everyone yesterday. Conditions were tough! @Tomdevito nearly got up and down out of a snow pile in a bunker. Would have been next level.


@Tomdevito, curious: do you just play that shot like a sand shot?

Wish I could’ve joined you guys, hopefully the next one!

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Haha yeah, the snow I was hitting out of was in a bunker anyways so had to just hit through the snow to get under the ball.

Anything ever come of this? Love the idea

Yeppp it’s here - The Boxcar: A Refuge Golf Tournament (Chicago)

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Started a new thread for this super early potential league we’ve discussed. Thought we’d keep it simple and call it “Breakfast Ball”

SO if you’re interested, start following that thread too and we can sort out details without hijacking the full chicago thread.

crack… ON

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Does anyone think there will be any courses open Sunday? Looking like 3 straight days of sunshine plus a high of mid-50’s on the Lord’s day.

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I would bet Cog Hill would be open.

Cog always open pretty much for 1 and 3. Up north somewhere might be better bet though as they got less snow early in the week. Unfortunately I’m not sure where up there would have the gates open.

I’m hoping that Village Links is playable on Sunday but my yard is still snow covered. Don’t think that tomorrow will be warm enough to clear the fairways.

any boots on the ground at the Chicago Golf Show? the exhibitor list is not exactly enticing. no Titleist. no Criquet or Peter Millar. certainly none of the Insta-friendly newer brands. (linksoul, mizzen, etc).

would consider going if there were any good equipment or apparel deals to be had, but looks pretty lackluster.

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Anyone want to meet up at Cog tomorrow?

me and @nocoastgolf are heading to syd.

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What time?

thinking like 1:30 or so for the #naptime9

will make it for 4!

Oh man. Too late for me unfortunately.

Side note, if anyone wants to do five iron golf this week in the AM, let me know. Shooting for Tuesday for sure at 8am. I’m allowed to bring up to three people for free.

i’ll meet you there. i’m a member there as well.

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So looking at the weather for Tuesday: high of 50 degrees. Worth getting out? If so, anyone want to play somewhere? If not, Ill still be at Five Iron Golf on Tuesday morning at 8am.

I’m gonna be at cog around 12:00 if anyone wants to join

Anyone local dabble in club making at all? Have, what I hope is, a pretty simple task I’d like some help with. Just removing old titleist adapter from shaft and putting a new one on.