Tiki at the Kiki (OATW Roost) 6/4

My brother in law told me today that it’s my nephews graduation party date. Told him to have an illegal beer on me cuz I’m playing golf with some random internet sickos.


Wife and I went to Porco last night. Can confirm, still as as good as it’s always been. But reservations are necessary if guis wanna hang there Friday or Saturday.

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Kiki currently has US Open length rough. Yesterday was a murder scene off the fairways and greens.

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I forget - are there golf shenanigans planned for Sunday?

I’ve been waiting for Rhoback to restock the Mahalo before the Tiki, but not looking likely. My IG ads, ever the quality stalker, knows that I’ve been looking for Hawaiian golf shirts the last couple months. This brand is new to me, but they’ve got a couple hitters…


Unfortunately kid schedules and various other life shit has made a day+ trip to CLE impossible on 6/4. I just removed my name from the sheet (FYI in case a wait list is in effect).

Looking forward to getting to an event soon. Also up for getting out closer to home (SE OH / SW PA) if anyone’s interested.


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Shit my bad. I actually took my girlfriend there on our first date lol. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

Kiki was pure tonight. Rough was finally cut and course should be in excellent shape for the tiki.


We’re getting close just a few weeks away. Still have some openings so sign-up is below. Also added another column for those interested we’re going to try and run it back for a second nine holes so please mark if you’re in.


Hell yeah, any sort of special format in the works for the additional nine?

The committee is deep in our process…translation: it’s a VERY fluid situation


Really, really wish I could be playing in this. But alas, we’re working on closing on a house in mid-June.

Wait so is the main event only 9 holes? Or is “second nine” just an additional 9 after the 18 event holes?

Hard NO from the course on split tees. 11:30-1:30 for tee times of the first 18 everyone going off of the first tee. Working on food/drinks for people to have after their round then optional 9 holes tee times starting at 4:30 for those interested.


We’re coming up Friday for Kirtland and then heading out after the festivities Saturday, so really just looking for something on the East side close to the courses.

So east side near the courses, decent hotel, with maybe some decent food options or a brewery?


Still have open spots? Going to invite a non-refugee or 2 if so.

Am I reading the sheet right that there are 60 spots total, so quite a few still available? Big if true - just signed up.


You read it correctly. Welcome to the party

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Hmmm I’m checking now and it looks like willoughby brewing company was a pandemic casualty which is too bad. That brewery was awesome and right in downtown willoughby.

Damn according to this article the other brewery I knew in willoughby closed as well (brim). I haven’t been in a while but downtown willoughby was a nice place pre pandemic and I think a number of restaurants did survive so it’s probably worth checking in that area. It will be really close to both golf courses.

Also do we have any idea on tee times? I forgot I had signed up for a 5k that morning and will likely bail on it, but am just curious if maybe I could squeeze it in


I live less than a mile from downtown Willoughby. I’d say your best bet for hotel is the Courtyard on Maplegrove. Do NOT do the Motel 6 or the Skylight Inn right there unless you’re into meth (I’m sure it would be survivable, but… ya know). The Red Roof Inn on 306 is pretty sketchy too. So is the Fairbridge in Wickliffe.

Yeah I’d only recommend the Courtyard in that area, but a little South on 271 there are nicer places, too.

There’s also an Airbnb pretty close that would be walkable to downtown Willoughby. Sorta perfect location. https://abnb.me/skQWiw9Qgqb

As for bars/restaurants, Barrio is good. Great tacos, tequila, beer, and whiskey selections. Sol is good too. Westel’s is small and doesn’t really do food, but has good cocktails. There are a couple of places down Mentor Ave. that would be good, too, but they are a 10 min drive or so. Red Wine and Brew comes to mind. Melt has good vibes, but also the heaviest food of all time. They also just put a Brew Kettle in Mentor, if you really want the brewery/brewpub thing.