The Pre-Invitational Open at White Oak - 11/5/2020 (See post 14 for details)

The Pre-Invitational Open at White Oak
Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Limited sign-ups available starting Wednesday, September 16th at noon EST.

With the Refuge’s first Nest Invitational Tournament coming to Jacksonville Beach, us locals (@Hwhite, @JCO, & @OffTheDole) would like to invite you to a truly unique golf experience the day before the tournament at one of the region’s hidden gems, the Legacy Course at White Oak Conservation.

The Legacy Course is a nine-hole course designed by Steve Melnyk, tucked in the middle of the conservancy’s 17,000-acre expanse at the Florida-Georgia border. The course has two distinct sets of tees for each hole, effectively making it play like a true 18-holer, and it is always in great shape.

The signature hole boasts a series of three waterfalls. Don’t be short on your approach!

The par five seventh hole requires a precision drive through a narrow chute.

The particulars
Getting down to brass tacks, it’ll be 27 holes of golf, beers, snacks, a boxed lunch, and excellent camaraderie for $125 (paid at the course).

We think it will be an excellent amuse-bouche before you take your bite out of Jax Beach Golf Club.

Space is limited so we are offering up spots as first come, first served.

Since we are taking over the entire course for the day, the possibilities for games are endless. More to come in that regard.

About White Oak
White Oak is one of the world’s premiere wildlife conservation facilities, with a significant population of rhinoceroses, cheetahs, antelopes, okapis, zebras, and giraffes. It has been a destination for a wide-ranging list of luminaries, from Madonna, Colin Powell, and Al Gore to Julia Roberts and John Travolta. It was also the place Bill Clinton absconded to during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Click here to sign up (opens at noon, 9/16)


White Oak region getting the mega thread bump this morning


John Pemberton/The Times-Union

President Bill Clinton waves as he comes out of Air Force One at Jacksonville International Airport, with his chocolate labrador named Buddy. Clinton came from Texas and arrived in Jacksonville as he prepares to start his vacation at White Oak Plantation near Yulee, Fla. The first lady arrived early in the day.


I bet the party that night was bumpin’


Sign up opens at noon today, correct?




It’s not part of the Pre-Invitational Open adventure, but if you ever have the opportunity to tour the property you’ll see that the previous owner, Howard Gilman, was a very unique guy.

From the front, Gilman Hall is an unassuming building.

Once you get inside, it just keeps going back. It has a bar, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a cafeteria, and more.

And the property also boasts a dance studio that was home to The White Oak Dance Project, a dance company founded in 1990 by Mikhail Baryshnikov and Mark Morris.

They also have giraffes, zebras, and cheetahs on the property.

Signups open in two minutes. The last few spots will be for the wait list.


Sign. Me. Up.

Posted that before reading the rest of the posts. Signed up.


Signed Up!


Couple of pictures from a round at White Oak this winter with @JCO & @OffTheDole.

The last picture is not from a round at White Oak but it was next in the picture roll, @JCO trying to get a weekend round in despite being on call.


Listen, someone has to make sure y’all have toilet paper and paper towels to use.


Any update on this? @OffTheDole @JCO @Hwhite

Do we know who all signed up?

What time are we starting? I’m hoping not to miss too much of the NIT competitors’ meet & greet :sweat_smile:


Let me finish dinner and bath time and I’ll give ya a full breakdown.

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Ok had a brief minute to sneak away

We have an awesome list of refugees signed up, along with a few locals and some portion of the NLU crew. @OffTheDole will provide us the full list of handles over the weekend.

-As far as our golf game plan, balls will be in the air at 9am!

-White Oak is a 45 - 50 minutes drive from most spots in Jax not including the dirt road back to the

-Range will be open at 8am or before so feel free to be early, just let the front gate know you’re there
for golf. I will be there early hopefully enjoying the cool weather with coffee.

-The day includes 27 holes of golf, boxed lunch, beers and trail mix. We will have a game in place for the first 18 and the extra 9, carts are available or feel free to walk.

Leaving White Oak around 4 should give us plenty of time to get back to Jax for check -in/opening night activities.

If anyone has any additional beer or snack wants/suggestions drop them below and I’ll see what we can do. Looking forward to hosting on Nov 5 with @OffTheDole & @JCO!


Yes, what @Hwhite said.

We’ve hit our cap on the number of participants at this time with the following guis:


Some combination of the NLU guis (@Randy, @Tron, @djpie, @Soly, @MerchCzar)

And ~3-4 non-Refugees who are instrumental in this event and the NIT.


Can I substitute trail mix for American Spirits (yellow)?


We can handle that

Do I need to sign a waiver for this shitshow also? My lawyer (who will be there) says all of your legal forms (especially in Florida) are a joke and you can’t hold me to anything I sign under duress of Harry the Lurker.


It’s Florida. The law really doesn’t apply here. See various “Florida Man” references.