The Down Under thread - ANZAC adjacent

I dont follow the YOTB stuff at all, being a terrible golfer…so what is with the goose and the Hjonk?

I believe this meme was the genesis of it

And as with everything Refuge, it’s now taken on a life of it’s own and, of course, spawned merch.


Oh god I have way too many hats as it is but I could definitely be tempted, I have some of the Hjonk ball markers already! I’ll have a look this weekend and see if I can justify it :joy:

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Any insights on here as to where good golf grips are available at a decent price? Perhaps my perspective on what the cost should be is completely unreasonable but starting from $20+ per grip feels hefty.

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I was pretty shocked when I last changed grips.

Short of buying grips online and doing it yourself, ~$20 per grip is a pretty consistent price and you won’t get much less than that buying them yourself online!

Such a hustle for a bit of rubber…

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Is that possible?

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Was thinking of doing it myself but online there doesn’t appear to be a great saving. Might as well just pay the extra and save myself the hassle.

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The first set isn’t much cheaper at all, so unless you are doing multiple sets, I would get someone else to do it.

I was a couple of clicks away from buying a re-grip station on ebay which would have seen precisely zero regrips, so I am glad I didn’t waste that money. (Not to say I won’t in the future…)

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