The Down Under thread - ANZAC adjacent

Hi everyone,

There are a couple of threads on here for Australian cities and states, so I thought it might be a good place to bring it all together.

There has been some discussion around getting an Aussie Roost happening in the new year among other get togethers in the states. (eg if you’re in Tassie please let me know!)

Throw in any course reviews and random chat and it should be a good spot for NLU Down Under. Will obviously include the brothers and sisters across the ditch outside of Bledisloe weeks…

I will also keep everyone across the merch movements in Aus through with some specials and early orders for those of us in the Nest.



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I could only tag 10 in the first post, so make like @MerchCzar with a fresh roll of stickers, and tag all the Aussies that you can!

p.s. How good are the Ashes when we are taking wickets and not losing wickets due to no balls…


Being from the West i’m half-pissed we’re missing out on hosting and half-happy I don’t have to deal with the Barmy Army for a week.

Nice to see normal service resumed at the Gabba. Are you confident about snagging the 5th Test at Blundstone? I think they’ll go a day/night Test at the MCG just for the $'s. Don’t wana play the Poms in a small stadium with cold weather, would be like a home game for them :slight_smile:

I keep thinking I’d like to have a competitive Ashes but watching us rip through the Poms yesterday was mighty enjoyable…

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And thanks @wilbur.kay for starting an AU thread… fingers crossed for the Roost!

It has been ~100 years since an Ashes test was not in one of the big stadiums, so if we can’t get it during covid, I think that might be it.

I worked with a bunch of poms when Mitchell Johnson ripped through them in 2015 and it was glorious.

Barnbougle might be the best place in the world to host a Roost event.


Couple of expats here


Also, I’m in Melbourne at the moment. My Dad told me not to bring my clubs because he had a right-hand set gifted to him by one of his late neighbours that I could use. Here they are in all their glory in a velour PGF Sunday bag.


Also hard agree on the Barnbougle take @wilbur.kay - even having never been there. Maybe we can charter a plane from Melbourne… but make sure we get a confirmation email.

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Sup my Aussie brethren. I am rarely on here these days - new work’s internet policy is not quite as liberal as the public sector’s, and I actually have to be accountable for my time these days haha.

But…happy to (kind of) be here and I look forward to being razzed about cricket and dishing it out when rugby season starts!


All for a Barnbougle event, especially after having my trip there earlier this year cancelled due to covid…

Heading to Barnbougle next week, wouldn’t need to much of an excuse to go back.

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Playing all 3 tracks?

All tracks,
7 days
4 rds Barbougle
5 rds Lost farm
4 rds Bougle run


Sorry, I just realised that this is the itinerary of your upcoming trip. I didn’t mean to take a dump on it. I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time - I thought you were suggesting a Roost event of that length with a bunch of internet strangers. Carry on.

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Craig here
Relatively new to NLU, definitely new to the nest! Excited to be here! Looking forward to talking some golf jive mixed in with some cricket over the summer AUSSIE AUSSIE and AFL in the winter!
Thanks for having me along 🏌️‍♂️

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Surely the question about 3 tracks was a trick…

But I also strongly agree that 7 days would get very old. 2 nights is the perfect journey.
The people from the north island can land in Launceston/direct to Barnbougle in the early afternoon and get to the course in time for a Bougle Run (if inside of daylight savings) or time to get settled and have a good meal at either dining room / sports bar.
20 holes on Lost Farm Saturday morning lunch in the sports bar Bougle Run
18 at Barnbougle Sunday morning and head home

That schedule is full enough for the golf nuts and comfy enough for the enthusiasts.


Our itinerary a few years ago was:

  1. Early flight from Melbourne to Launceston, lunch at a vineyard along the way, arrive Barnbougle early afternoon. Play Lost Farm. With the remaining light we could have play Bougle Run had it existed.
  2. Play Dunes and Lost Farm. Rookie error as we did not take advantage of the day rate if you play one course.
  3. Fly out midday the following day. We could have squeezed in another round before our flight, but it would have been touch and go.

Another night would have been ideal in hindsight.

Let’s be honest. There are no wrong answers to what a good Barnbougle itinerary could be.

I think we should have something resembling a competition (Roost rounds?) across Saturday and Sunday, with as many warm up / warm down rounds as desired for those that can make it for days before and after.