The Carolina Swig & Swing - 3/14/20 - DETAILS IN POST 826, RAFFLE ITEMS & PAIRINGS POST 1672

I want in on the fried cheese

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I have extremely sexual feelings towards those Meeso Honey flavored wings. God I can’t wait for March


Mossarella? Who was in charge of spelling?!?!

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Really good. The hoison poison ones are unbelievably hot.

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I nutted up and booked my flight and hotel! Looking forward to this soiree…


Where did you play this week and tell us about your round

Roll Call: North Carolina

WOKE when BROKE: The Refuge Guide to Good GCA on a Budget

Was able to get out to Sifford for 9 after dropping my daughter at school to scout out conditions. Looking and playing well, even after rain earlier in the week and a little overnight. Can’t wait until these faiway and complexes are ripe with ‘Fugees.

Looking down 1st fairway

1 green

Par 3,3rd

Random shot of course

Green at 196 yd Par 3 7th. Contours.


course is looking great, damn

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Just throwing this out there to see if there’s any interest. I was chatting with @Geaugolf about making some head covers for this event since I saw the Texas-themed ones she made for the San Antonio event. These would probably be a solid color (red or blue) with the NC flag embroidered on them with a leather cap at the top. Any interest out there in refuge land for something like this? Was thinking that if others were interested we could do a group buy type of thing. I would need to get back to her soon to turn them around in time for the event though.


Would there be an option to get a FW cover? Or @Geaugolf is it easier with bigger runs to only do driver? I’d be interested in that

Id also be interested in a fwy cover

first off we need @Bullseye to whip us up a dope ass NC BBQ themed logo

something with a hog on it seems most logical

once we get that, then @Geaugolf can work her magic and crank out a couple sweet headcovers


Yeah, I was going logo-less right now because we didn’t have one at this point. I would be all-in for a BBQ-themed logo though obviously.

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Posted higher up in this thread my matching imperial floppy hat. (Not sure how to quote to post). Such a great logo and perfect for this event

click the top right of the post, like where it shows you how long ago you posted it…should pop up a link for you to copy…then paste the link

Appreciate the info.

Logos being workshopped…coming soon(ish).


INJECT IT into my veins.

Merch should be old school Hornets colors IMO.


Same with merch.

Course looks great!! That 7th hole will always be one of my favorite holes in the world, periodt. Sifford has 2 excellent par 3s. Fuck I’m stoked!! 44 days!