WOKE when BROKE: The Refuge Guide to Good GCA on a Budget

Based on discussions in a couple of other topics recently, there seems to be demand for a crowd-sourced list of affordable public courses with strong golf course architecture. I’ve seen similar lists elsewhere, and even organized the creation of one with some friends of mine. So, I have gotten the ball rolling below, starting with only courses I have played.

If you have a suggestion, please post it on this thread, with as much info as possible (including location, price, and a brief description of why you think it is worth checking out) and I will periodically update this table to include everything. If someone wants to do an accompanying Google Map, that would be cool, too.

List Updated: Tuesday June 4th, 1:00PM Eastern

Course Location Fee Refugee Notes
Apache Stronghold Globe, AZ $$ Tilly rough condition, worth seeing
Balboa Park GC San Diego, CA $$ GarrettMorrison
Corica Park South Alameda, CA $85 Tizz
Coronado GC Coronado, CA $42 Tilly
La Purisima Lompoc, CA $$ tbova
Northwood Monte Rio, CA $28 JustHuckIt
Pacific Grove Pacific Grove, CA $73 matthew823
Rustic Canyon Moorpark, CA $67 Tilly
Sharp Park Pacifica, CA $50 wpschwarz
Soule Park Ojai, CA $40 Tilly
CommonGround Aurora, CO $65 endangeredspiethies
Keney Park GC Hartford, CT $42 LJP
Shennecossett GC Groton, CT $45 Tilly best bang for your buck NE
Deltona Club Deltona, FL $50 bartpair
Jacksonville Beach GC Jacksonville Beach, FL $25 LJP
West Palm Beach GC West Palm Beach, FL $30 Tilly
Winter Park 9 Winter Park, FL $$
The Fields GC LaGrange, GA $60 LakeBurtonDawg
Wailua Lihue, HI $60 Tilly
Gateway National Madison, IL $70 Jaygrizzle
Kankakee Elks Saint Anne, IL $30 JustHuckIt
Ravisloe Homewood, IL $63 Tilly
The Fort Indianapolis, IN $$ Tilly
Warren GC Notre Dame, IN $60 ericbens
Sand Creek Station Newton, KS $50 Tilly
Peninsula Golf Resort Lancaster, KY $40 tedscott
Audubon Park New Orleans, LA $40 LivingLagunaLoca
George Wright Boston, MA $50 nandersen
Highland Links Truro, MA $65 schirmert
Little Marion Marion, MA $$ Tilly
Bulle Rock Havre de Grace, MD $99 KVV
Cape Arundel Kennebunkport, ME $$ Tizz recent confirm by LJP
The Mines Grand Rapids, MI $59 JustHuckIt
Pilgrims Run Pierson, MI $69 JustHuckIt
Keller GC Maplewood, MN $40 munihack7
Hillcrest GC Kansas City, MO $55 Flopasaurus un-woke mgmt, good course & price
Swope Memorial Kansas City, MO $34 Tilly
Whitefish Lake GC (North) Whitefish, MT $ Tilly
Asheville Muni Asheville, NC $25 Tilly bad conditions recently
Charles Sifford GC Charlotte, NC $20 tedscott
Monroe Country Club Monroe, NC $49 tedscott
Mooresville GC Mooresville, NC $39 Tilly
Oak Hollow High Point, NC $39 Fore20
Southern Pines Southern Pines, NC $59 Tilly
Tanglewood Park Clemmons, NC $55 Tilly
Tot Hill Farm Asheboro, NC $59 Tilly
Wilmington Muni Wilmington, NC $32 Fore20
Awarii Dunes Axtell, NE $62 aannddyy00
Bayside GC Brule, NE $47 TuesdayMoneyMatch
Wild Horse Gothenburg, NE $61 Tilly best bang for your buck MW
Hooper Walpole, NH $35 Tilly
Francis Byrne West Orange, NJ $51 ThePowerFade
Pinon Hills Farmington, NM $63 Tilly
Bethpage Green Farmingdale, NY $43 Tilly
Bethpage Red Farmingdale, NY $86 Tilly
Eisenhower Red Westbury, NY $70 Tilly
Montauk Downs Montauk, NY $48 ParIsJustANumber
Timber Point Great River, NY $47 Tilly
Avon Fields Cincinnati, OH $23 scuff
Denison GC Granville, OH $59 Tilly recent confirm by TwoCents
Fowlers Mill Chesterland, OH $45 DingleJones
Little Mountain CC Painesville, OH $65 Brick
Manakiki Willoughby, OH $40 DingleJones
Sleepy Hollow GC Brecksville, OH $42 Tilly
LuLu Glenside, PA $78 Tilly
Triggs Memorial Providence, RI $$ Tilly
Aiken GC Aiken, SC $25 Tilly best bang for your buck SE
Fort Mill GC Fort Mill, SC $53 pward28
Furman GC Greenville, SC $40 Tilly
Sewanee Sewanee, TN $41 jaygrizzle
Sweetens Cove South Pittsburg, TN $40 DeepFriedEgg hidden gem
Cedar Crest GC Dallas, TX $43 DuckDuckHook
Pine Dunes Frankston, TX $79 DuckDuckHook
Rawls Course at Texas Tech Lubbock, TX $$ Tilly
Stevens Park Dallas, TX $56 DeepFriedEgg
Lawsonia (Links) Green Lake, WI $95

Goat Hill Park, Oceanside, CA $34


Is the GOAT good architecture thought or just an awesome community center with unconventional golf?

This is a serious question.


Brough Creek National, Kansas City, KS, voluntary donation


Oak Hollow Golf Course
High Point, NC

One of two public Pete Dye courses in NC. Located on a lake with several holes on the water, great views, tough layout and affordable.

Highest rate for riding before 12 on the weekends is $39.

Can walk during the week for $17.


Big s/o to Sand Creek and Swope.

Sand Creek in Newton is max $50. That’s for a weekend round as a non county resident.


I don’t really know much about GCA, but I liked it.

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Can’t believe I didn’t have Oak Hollow on here already. Will add ASAP.

Also - need some guidelines on affordable. I know it is different for everyone, but there is a “cost/benefit” or bang for your buck concept that I try to take into account. Like, Tobacco Road really isn’t affordable for many, but it is a must see…would like input on this type of thing. Do we have a hard cap at some $ amount, or just make sure costs are clear?

Nominate Stevens Park in Dallas. $56 weekend rate with cart.


I think costs should be clear, with nothing over 120

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Cedar Crest Golf Course. Dallas, TX muni. Only Tilly course in the area. Walking $13-28, riding $28-43. Hosted the 1927 PGA Championship won by Walter Hagen. In a very poor area of town, and it has a good amount of buy-in from the community, much more diverse and laid back vibe, and some decent First Tee involvement. Got a redo in 2004 and another recent facelift. Lots of fun. Can bring your dog, but you also see a few south Dallas strays wandering around.

Never played it but I would add Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, another restored Tilly that is supposedly great.


It’s gotta be under $100 for a weekend morning IMO.


I think that’s a good standard but there may be cost of living exceptions for “relatively cheap” courses in otherwise expensive areas. Can be submitted to a vote if needed.

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This is true. You’d be hard pressed to find anything at all around Omaha for over $70

This thread has been live for 5 minutes and is already more helpful/comprehensive than the Sugarloaf Hidden Gems “project.”

Side note: Sugarloaf “Social Club” is masterful execution of the millennial business model playbook:

  1. Design Logo
  2. Market at Outrageous Markup; offer no discernible benefit to purchasers; preach “exclusivity.”
  3. Take a lot of Pictures. Bonus Points for drone shots.



They have all been added to this map. Everyone has permission to edit, so please feel free to add your own.


Wilmington Municipal Golf Course
Wilmington, NC

1926 Donald Ross track that was renovated in 2014. Great greens and bunkers.

Pretty sure you can play it under $50…think the weekend rate to ride is $42?




I submitted a list to Sugarloaf via a buddy who is friendly with them. They added some, not all of my suggestions. It’s all good. We can borrow from them, too.

Meanwhile, you’re hard pressed to find anything (decent) UNDER $85 during the first 4-5 months of the year in Scottsdale*, AZ