The Carolina Swig & Swing - 3/14/20 - DETAILS IN POST 826, RAFFLE ITEMS & PAIRINGS POST 1672

welp its Monday after an event. time for everyone to try desperately to recall names and faces and scores.

For anyone who hasnt gone to an event yet… Take everything you see here. All the memories, jokes, photos, memorable shots and memorable people and times it by at least 10. That is what you personally will feel after one of these things. Simply too much good to put in one post.

As was evident by my first tee shot…I am a mental midget. I am super competitive and yet have little to 0 competitive experience. hence I choke. I was a little sour that noone made fun of me when I topped my tee shot - silence - soul piercing silence. fuq y’all very much.

it wasn’t until the back nine and then at sifford (with some liquid courage) that i really got comfortable in my swing. Thanks to @tedscott for the invitation to play, @Fluff for showing me what real golf looks like, and @leric90 for tips, tricks and overall good golf conversation. Really enjoyed getting to know these guis beyond just online posting.

After getting to hang with @LukeBoatright I am stoked to see what treats are in store for Aiken. @Badatgolf is an awesome hang and I am forever humbled by his love of the game. He may love it the most.

@NanerMan Thank You. You are a gentleman and I think you naturally put people at ease. It was clear that everyone was able to relax and be themselves because of your hospitality and planning. (and all the chairguis)

I would play Sifford twice a week forever and I would burn Monroe to the ground, or at least light on fire whoever set those pins. For Real though both courses were a blast. Great choices.

There is so much more…everyone get a moonlight bag, handicaps are irrelevant, don’t take ANYONE on here too seriously, assume the best in all people, ask more questions than you answer, conservative targets with aggressive swings.

Thank you Thank you to everyone involved. These are always and forever the best possible golf outings.


Some awards from the weekend:

Most Heroic/Most Scooshie: @NanerMan and wife
Least Scooshie: @leric90 (only hits it 220)
Horniest: @jasona93 & Megan L.
Best Dressed: @jimithng23 (obviously)
Worst Dressed/Most Handsome: @Smidler
Most Northern: @Dempsey100
Most Southern: @Kenneth_Klondike
Best Swing: @alexshreff
Most Jacked and Least Tan: @Swing_hard_and_hope
Biggest Sandbagger (a.k.a. the Q-school award): @therealDJ


Highlight of the weekend may or may not have been @gatorz7888 going shirtless into the hottub at the BnB, donning a visor, chugging on a choice stogey and sipping a beer.

Oozing southern class, my gui.

Glad to have finally met ya and the hang was incredible. Sorry we weren’t able to pass pleasantries when we boogied out of there yesterday morning.


If you had woken me up to say goodbye we would have had to schedule a duel…I was limping back to ATL. Pleasure meeting you for real. Look forward to teaming up at some point.

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I know @leric90 swing was not where he wanted it that evening. but lets just say he made my slice look gooooood. (and still parred every hole)


Last thing, I want to plug the next few events in the Southeast. See ya’ll soon.


Ouch :joy:


I put all blame on @gatorz7888 for this. Hold that man accountable!!

In all seriousness DJ hit some amazing shots during our duel and was able to hide the bad shots that make him a 10… [cough cough]…5.


I’ll also throw in this one for the southeast as well.


Good call, missed that’n!

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My eyes are getting a little watery. That may be the nicest thing someone’s said to me. Right up there with @PowerFadez telling me I had the best Fore call he’s ever heard.

But in all seriousness, thank you. You and @therealDJ were great to hang out with. Hopefully I’ll see you guys down in Aiken.


I’d like to add a few.

Most southern accent: @PowerFadez
Biggest party animals: @ColoniusFunk and @CrucialTaunt (tie)
Biggest SEC supporter: @JCO
Biggest BBQ flake: @Fore20


damn it


@CrimsonPunter was looking for a shirt if there are extras.


While @ColoniusFunk, @Smidler and I were having a beer post round, we mentioned this pin to the super at Monroe and he said something like “We were going easy on you guys today. You should come back tomorrow when we have our Red Tee tournament. We’re going to make the pins real tough for that.”

If that pin on 13 was easy, I don’t want to know what hard is.


Yep. XL. Love a sticker too. Just let me know $ and how. Thanks!

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@tedscott Most Southern :joy: I’m honored. If you could elaborate my wife would get a crack out that.


I would have to agree @JCO definitely wins this award. I’m disappointed in myself I allowed this to happen. Just know, next event I attend I will win this award!

who was the absolute unit with the maroon shirt and the sick lettuce flowing out the back of his hat?