September in Sewanee - Tennessee Golf/Hiking/Camping Meetup - September 26th

Calling all refugees!!! Come own down now, ya hear?

There is only one thing better than Fall football in Tennessee, and it’s Fall golf weather.

Sweetens Cove gets most of the praise, but The Course at Sewanee is as good (whispers “maybe better”) as its big brother down the road. Come spend a day out on the 9 hole, fast & firm, 2009 Gil Hanse redesign amongst the leaves and the fresh mountain air!

Proposed Agenda:

  • Friday - golf for those who can play at Sweetens or other course, dinner/meet & greet in Chattanooga that night

  • Saturday - all day golf @ The Course at Sewanee. We can’t rent the course for the day due to Alumni being in town, but we can play as much as we want. Replay rate is a cart fee, and we can grab carts whenever. Dinner & lodging either in Sewanee or Chattanooga… Camping in the mountains, anyone??

  • Sunday - this is a wild card, but I think it would be awesome. Chattanooga/Sewanee has some of the best hiking in the Southeast, so I propose that instead of Sunday morning golf, we go on a hike Sunday morning. The location can be determined by where we stay, and we can arrange golf for those who would rather play than hike, especially for the people who haven’t played Sweetens before. HOWEVAH, in my opinion, it’s a shame to come to this part of the country and not experience some of its non-golf views. Significant others welcome.

We can do this if it’s 5 or 50 people, so come on out. Looking forward to meeting more Refugees! Add your name to the Google sheet!


Immmmm real excited I decided not to do season tickets this year. On the calendar hopefully it’ll work out.


Add your name to the google sheet, hope you can make it!

I think it’s set up for view only


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All I’m saying is that you can camp @ Sweetens…

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Ive overbooked myself though the spring and early summer but this is just far enough out.


I have learned that my wife spent 2 weeks at Sewanee during a summer in college and is into this concept.

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Count me in.

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shit yeah

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Add to the Google doc!

As did I, and I am currently happy with my decision.

Man, i would love to join in on this. Went to UT but live in Memphis now. We have season tickets so ill be at the Florida game. Next meetup, ill be there.

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Sounds great. Could potentially have a family cabin available in the assembly in Monteagle - which is a 10 min drive to Sewanee. Sleeps 10 but its pretty rustic!


That would be sick!

We like rustic

Rustic seems to be the vibe this event will be putting off. Love it

For the brave - this is quite a hike - but worth it.


Just added myself. Is the date for sure yet, @tedscott?

Nope, definitely not. Apparently there is a football team in Knoxville.

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