Stankonia III: a Roost Major @ The Fields - What a weekend it was!

Guis and Gals – The Peachtree Collective is proud to present the Stankonia Classic @ the Fields this coming spring in La Grange, Georgia. If you haven’t heard of it, the Fields is an awesome course just south of Atlanta where our Roost will be hosting an annual event. Read more about this hidden gem on the Fried Egg. Assuming we sufficient numbers, we’ll have the place to ourselves for 36 holes of stroke play plus breakfast, lunch, tee gift, and some charity. Cost will be $150 and here is the sign up. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A TPC MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE, and we are applying for some NIT Spots.

Our charity is Fore the Ladies, run by the awesome @abbylieb. More on the great work they do here. Hope to see as many of you out there as possible. We can accommodate up to about 100 people. Will have optional skins game and some merch runs. Soft deadline to register is 2/28 (sorry for the short notice).


Gonna be awesome, can’t wait.

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@madkins I know the Fields is a favorite of the Fried Egg crew. Would love a cameo if possible!

Peachtree Collective headed to the Fields



This is my anniversary weekend. Hope the wife likes La Grange.


Random question: Do you have to be a Refuge member to play? I plan on joining on the 26th to play. I have a buddy who’s been talking about the Fields and was going to run it by him if open to the unwashed.

NVM: I see on the sign-up sheet that there is a Nest column to check yes or no.


Yup all are welcome, just won’t be eligible for the playoffs if not a nest member.

And who knows, if you qualify for the playoffs, and join the Nest - you are eligible! Regardless of affiliation with NLU, the Nest or even the Peachtree Collective - this is an opportunity to get out golf with other sickos at a sick course for a sick price.

Extremely fucking bummed to miss this

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The good news is that the Spring Major will always be held at the Fields. Summer and Fall will rotate.


Thanks fellas. I’m really looking forward to it.


Going to be a tough weekend to make work, but would love to see The Fields!

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@MerchCzar how do I nominate this as comment of the month?

Who do I need to pay and is the money due the 28th ?

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Good question. You can go Venmo me @apmiller92. Haven’t sent out a due date but it will be sometime quickly after the 28th.

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Honorable attendees – We are finalizing tee times etc and getting everyone loaded into golf genius this week. If you haven’t venmoed by EOD Wednesday we’ll have to treat it like a WD.


What is the consensus on walking/riding?

Carts for 36 for sure


36 is doable walking, but would recommend walk morning, ride afternoon.

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