Stankonia III: a Roost Major @ The Fields - What a weekend it was!

Should clarify - Def need to take carts for pace of play purposes also.

If this is like any other refuge event, walking pace definitely won’t be the bottleneck


I’ve walked 18 at the Fields and It’s doable in this weather but I’m not messing around with 36 holes. Especially if I’m getting up at 4am to get there on time


Perfect. You will hear my cart blaring Outkast throughout the whole property.

I would like to walk the 36 if allowed.

You’re a mad man.

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Prefer to walk 18 then ride 18 but will ride 36 if ya twist my arm.

As long as there are two carts in each group so you can hop on in between holes and to maintain pace of play, you can do whatever you want, just don’t get put on the clock for slow play

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Tomorrow is the day. Weather is going to perfection. Blue skies, high 40s first thing into the 60s, winds 10-15 up gusts near 30!

A few operational notes:

8 am shotgun - We will start on the back 9
2 pm shotgun (can be earlier if things play fast in the morning and we are ready) will start on the front 9. We will repair after Round 1, the leaders off last on 1. We will send 3 or 4 groups off #1 so that everyone can be there for the finish on 18.

Rules: Play ready golf, when in doubt ask your playing partners, if you can’t agree play 2 balls and we’ll figure it out later.


Also, as the big guy would surely appreciate, we will be putting balls in cups


Thanks again to everyone for coming out! Congrats @PurpATL on the win.


@Double_Bogey_Dave Do you just want one picture? Or should I email you a whole bunch from our discord etc?

Send me a bunch of them if you don’t mind

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Does anyone have a pencil from this course they wouldn’t mind parting with? I’ll gladly pay for shipping and a drink if you do and are willing to mail me the pencil

If were being honest I’m not sure the pencils are branded…they are launching a new logo soon though so maybe that is also in the works


Anyone playing in the Tailgate (fried egg event) at The Fields in November?

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@apmiller will be there.




Check the new header people. Planning a great second inaugural Stankonia Classic and running it back at the Fields. Going to spread the 36 across a Friday afternoon and Sat morning and add in a little food and live music if that’s your thing. Mark your calendars and we’ll keep ya posted early next year as details are finalized. @PeachtreeCollective


Rock solid- Thank you for sharing @apmiller! Hope to make it out this year and to more events in 2023