Splash of OJ (Florida Roost)

Morning all. There is a yearly charity fourball auction for veterans over here in the UK and, for reasons unknown, two of the courses listed are The Plantation (Fort Myers) and Hernando Oaks (Brooksville). No idea what either is like, but I could probably pick each up for $80 before the auction closes today. Would anyone like me to do so? The voucher will be valid for a year.

I would take the plantation voucher off of your hands for that

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Hey y’all in Jacksonville next weekend Friday through Sunday for a wedding Saturday. Anybody interested in a mid day round Friday or Sunday in the area? Looking to put a peg in the ground one of those days. Recs on golf courses in the area accepted as well.


Where in Jacksonville will you be?

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I am going to be in the Brooklyn area staying at the Marriott residence inn. The wedding is at timaquanna and the hotel is closish.

The golf on that side of town, which happens to be my side of town, are pretty limited.

Obviously if you could get onto Timuquana that would be the best option.

Within reasonable driving distance are Fleming Island, Eagle Harbour, and Eagle Landing. Do not waste your money on Hyde Park, it’s still a dump.

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