Sisterhood of the Traveling Refugee Sunday Bag

I’m heading to Pinehurst 12-16 of June. I would be willing to post some pics of my journey with the bag.

Sweeeet…I get to reprise my role as @Snellspace‘s photographer :wink:

Nah. I’ll be your photographer


Looks like @Fluff has the next firm trip, not until mid August.

That gives us 2 months worth of time to fill, and I doubt any trips are happening.

@Snellspace, you’ve legitimately had more time with the bag than anyone else :joy: we’ll give someone else a chance.

@cmaherw, why don’t you send it to @Hawkeye89 and then @Hawkeye89 can coordinate to get it to @Double_Bogey_Dave?

Anyone else with shit going on between end of June and mid August speak up and get yourself on the list!


Just going to leave this here…

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Just for the record… the Northeast chapter of the RACDG has JUST TODAY created a highly unofficial last-minute meetup at Marion golf club (George Thomas’s first design). Featuring the likes of @AusFromBos @golferjoe @GolfKicks and others whose refuge handles I don’t know because I’m not on here enough and/or I’m dumb.

The kicker - we’re playing Thursday afternoon :joy: @cmaherw what’s an overnight shipping rate go for these days? I would love nothing more than to be reunited with that sweet sweet scabbard


Did I say mid august on the sign up doc? My trip is the last week in July, 7/26 - 8/1

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I think you found out the hard way what rush shipping costs for the bag - about a smooth $100 bill :joy:

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That worked out nicely!

Here’s the updated schedule, it’s on the Google Sheet, so I ask each of you to look at it to know where it’s going next.

@cmaherw will ship it sometime in the next few days to @Hawkeye89 for Pinehurst.

@Hawkeye89 will either hand off in person or ship to @Double_Bogey_Dave for some NC fun.

Dave will ship it off to @HaveOuimet for the Husker Duel.

Adam will send it to @Fluff for Sand Valley.

Fluff will send it to @BaxterMSP for the North Star shootout.

@mearley44’s trip is up in the air…ideally, it would work best for @ajtwenty1 to pick the bag up at the Minnesota event if he’s still going, so he can bring it directly to Lawsonia and not have to worry about shipping costs or transit times in between. That will be a fluid situation.

AJ will ship it to @RangerB if the Sweetens NIT Super Regional still happens.

Good stuff!


If @ajtwenty1 doesn’t pick it up at the North Star, I can, and get it to AJ.


I can’t get to the google sheet at work (damn firewall) but the FL RACDG has a meet up 7/31 - 8/2 if anything with the bag falls through.

Full disclosure: I’ve been hesitant to talk about the bag because I’m still heartbroken that the Scotland trip was cancelled. :sob:

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So many Scotland and Ireland trips people were supposed to be taking this spring and summer, you’re not alone. Such a mega bummer.

If @Fluff’s trip falls through, yours would slot in perfectly.

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We’re flying in and out of Minneapolis for our trip. @BaxterMSP it looks like you live in the area, maybe we could organize to hand it off in person


@BaxterMSP is the brains and organizer of the North Star Shootout so he’s your best bet, but if he’s not available there are tons of us participating. I for one will also be willing to help out if needed. I’m hoping for a future position in the Half Light Bag Co. empire, so anything I can do to protect @alexshreff’s assets I’m your gui.


Sure do. We can get a round in somewhere or just do a hand off if you’re strapped for time.

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I’d love to get a round in, but unfortunately I don’t think there will be time. Well probably get back to MSP around dinner Friday night and we’re flying out the next morning

It is confirmed that the Sunday Bag will be going to the Carolinas RACDG Solstice extravaganza at Mimosa Hills in Morganton, NC on 6/20.


Received the bag earlier this week and due to storms, didnt think I would able to get out before our trip. Had a perfect morning today and decided to turn the half day off into a full day. Snuck out for a morning 9 and shot one my best rounds. Good sign for our upcoming trip as we are on are way to North Carolina and Tobacco Road on Saturday.


Don’t be deceived by the bags extremely disheveled look - there’s magic built into that thing. Enjoy it!