Sisterhood of the Traveling Refugee Sunday Bag


If you’re in possession of the bag, please read:

  • Once you receive the bag, please post here saying you have it so fellow Refugees have an idea of where it is/who has it
  • If you have the bag, please check the spreadsheet below to see if and when you need to mail it to the next person, if someone has it reserved for a trip right after you. If so, please contact them for their mailing address
  • If no trips are scheduled within a week or two from when you receive it, please do your best to meet up with a fellow Refugee to pass it off in person
  • If you can’t meet up with anyone in person within a week or two and no one has it reserved after you, please post here seeing if anyone would like it and mail it to them
  • If you mail it, please cover shipping
  • If something breaks, please fix it. If you can’t sew or repair it, find a girlfriend/wife/uncle/brother/grandma/JoAnn Fabric’s store who can
  • Please take a ridiculous amount of pictures and post them here anytime you have it out and in play
  • The bag SHOULD NOT be given to anyone that’s not a Refugee
  • The goodies bag has a Tile in it…please don’t press the button on the Tile. It will make my phone ring. I’m not sure if they need to be in close proximity or not for that to happen, but I’d rather we didn’t test it
  • If there’s something in the goodies bag, please feel free to take it, but only if you replace it with another similar item (e.g., don’t take a nice ball marker and replace it with a wooden tee, etc.)
  • A few must do’s: sign the NLU flag with your real name and Refuge name, fill out in the notebook the date of your round, your name & Refuge name, course you played, your score (if you want), and any other nice sentiments you’d like to pass along.
  • There is a Callaway scorecard holder in the top pouch for anyone to use as well, and I’d like it to stay with the bag for #branding purposes
  • The bag balances best with 11 or less clubs in it, and balls or a water bottle in the large bottom pocket. Any more than 11 clubs and it rides a little too horizontal for easy carrying.

Enjoy guys!

Although the materials are still on their way and I haven’t used a sewing machine since 8th grade home ec class, I decided to start a thread now to brainstorm (and stop hijacking the silk road).

Here’s the plan:

  • I’m going to build a minimalist “Seamus-esque” sunday bag for Refugees to pass around, with a notebook included to document the courses played and any other info you think is pertinent

  • I understand the draw of what Sugarloaf is doing with their bag being won via matches, however, I feel like our reach here is so huge that a very small percentage of people would ever get to use the bag if done this way. I’d like as many people as possible to get a chance to hit the course with this,

  • I’m envisioning starting off with one bag for the second half of 2019, with a sign up sheet. First come first serve for a 2 week period of use, which at the end of you just need to contact the next person on the list for their shipping address and send on its way.

  • We can use this thread to document it’s travels, but I also like the idea of taking photos/videos and dumping them in a google drive so I can make a short video about it at the end of the year.

  • I also really like the idea that at the end of the year, we auction the bag off on the Silk Road, complete with notebook, scorecards, pencils, and whatever else it’s accumulated by the end of the year, with proceeds going to some charity/charities of the Refuge’s choosing.

  • For 2020 I would like to make 2 bags to get as many people in on it as possible…maybe an East and a West bag to cut down on shipping time and get it in play more often? Or maybe one traveling bag you sign up for, and one to be won via matches and passed around at gatherings?

  • With the integrated Tile tracker I could easily post updates and follow along with everywhere it’s been in a year.

These are just my initial thoughts of how I’d like to run things…but I’m open to suggestions if anyone has them!

Edit: Here’s the spreadsheet to reserve the bag for a trip…


This is great subscribe

What if instead of a first come first serve scenario, it was more merit based or even voted on?

Two weeks is a long time to have the bag, especially if it happened to be during a golf downtime. What if folks posted in here where they were headed to play and why they wanted the bag. We can have a vote if there is overlapping times.

Just thinking how big of a miss it would be if someone was headed to play the Old Course or something but it wasn’t their turn until the following week after their trip and had no golf plans those weeks.


Top 26 Refugees get the Sunday bag, street fighter style.

Yo @sundaybag I was just typing something in this vein. At the risk of seeming like a braggart, I’m taking a Labor Day weekend road trip from Boston to Cabot with my 3 best friends and our dads, and I would be supremely honored to tote the Refugee Sunday Bag.

Particularly as my Spurs fan friend has to carry my bag for one round there since Liverpool finished the job last weekend.


I’d be agreeable with some iteration of this. I can definitely get the bag up to Bandon during the winter months which may be snow covered months for most.

I dig this idea, but I don’t want it sitting around during weeks where no one has a cool trip planned. How would we keep it in play but still give the guys going to exciting places a chance to take the bag too?

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What if we just made a giant google calendar, everyone who was interested put their name and info of their cool event (trip, big tournament, etc) on those dates, and then we had a bigole vote at some point? Whoever didn’t get it for their chosen dates could re-apply for a later spot?


Instead of a West/East coast thing, what if it’s North/South based? I know that I wouldn’t want to have the bag in January when there is snow on the ground when someone is playing Seminole and Isleworth in the same week. Or even just regularly playing since you live in a state that you can play year round.

I love this idea, but I don’t like the idea of it only going to people with big plans. That’s boring. I want to hear about the regular trips and what comes from that. Think about Tourist Sauce Scotland, where were the best stories? Not the big name courses.


That actually resonates too. Whatever everyone decides is cool with me.

If I were to have received the bag this last week, it wouldn’t get a single round on it over the two weeks. That is my biggest concern.

I think it can be a bit of both. Personally, there is no chance I’d do the bag justice over a 2 week period. But I do have a few planned weekends that I’d love the bag to see.

Whatever we decide, I think agility is key to success to allowing the bag to truly travel and gain “experiences” worth remembering.

Does it really need to be 2 weeks at a time? Except for big trips I would imagine shipping it out on a Monday for the next player to have it that following weekend for rounds, and then shipping again that monday.


All in on this and can see the merits of the vote system as well as the first come first serve. Either sounds great.

Very in on this idea and look forward to participating. Don’t care much how we decide to do it, but I lean towards every day use for those that can and if you want to bring it on your big golf trip, cool. Go for it. We log everything, keep memorabilia in it from rounds played, document the journey and just enjoy the community along the way however it plays out.


Either cool trip or regular round, I think everyone should add one personal memento (pencil, ball marker, logo tee, etc.) to the bag before sending it out. Someone already said it but I just wanted to reiterate. I would def spend 30 minutes perusing those like it was a damn time capsule. Edit: great minds @LJP


I mean, I’d be taking this to Merrick Road Park, not some T100 place


I love a public Google calendar idea. People can reserve spots for their big plans or just a random week/weekend that they know they’ll be golfing
For instance, I know I’d love to have it for a tournament or two and have the refuge with me a la ZB and his Ringer Mac in his sectional win

Also, we should do something cool with this bag and the Refuge Ryder Cup trip in 2020, just putting that on the calendar now!

Put me down for the KS Mid-Am in October.


Damn you! (Can’t wait to meet you there though)

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