Sisterhood of the Traveling Refugee Sunday Bag

@Hala-Mark-Rey and I will be getting some swings in around Scottsdale… 3/12 and 3/13. I’m sure we’d be happy to accommodate. Let me know if need any logistical info. I’m a little behind on the actual process of how this works and have just been enjoying watching the story from afar, but definitely would be happy to dip my toes into the water and join the party.

Edit: crap I just saw the spreadsheet and that the next person getting it is in Aus… not sure what the timing and cost of shipping that would be, but I can try to look into it before confirming

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This may be shaping up nicely. I will keep you in the loop and fill you in on next steps if I need someone to fill in!

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That is some sweet sweet handwriting


Thanks! I wrote that on a plane, so normally it’s a bit neater :grimacing:

Assuming the person in Aus is me, I’m happy to assist with the shipping in consideration of living so damn far away from anywhere else

I haven’t heard from @alexshreff so I’m assuming I don’t have it and won’t need the help, but thanks for the offer. Hope it makes it to you and you have an awesome time with it.

Is the bag still being shipped around during all this going on? I’m set to get it for my trip to Sand Valley coming up May 8-10. Understandable if it’s on hold for the time being.

So glad you posted here. It was on a little side project for about 3 weeks, and then has been with @IlliniGolferHack for the last week and a half or so.

I just assumed everyone’s golf plans were shot for the next few months so hadn’t even thought about where it was going to go next. If you’re still playing, technically you’re up next, so that’s perfect.

Can you DM @IlliniGolferHack with your address so he can get it out to you?
So jealous you’re getting out for some awesome golf.

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Yep, as of now Sand Valley is planning to open May 1st. Obviously they are taking lots of precautions around disinfecting and social distancing. If they are comfortable opening, I am comfortable going.

I still have a couple of weeks before our trip so no rush. I’ll be sure to shoot him a DM and get everything worked out.


The Bag arrived in Des Moines this weekend. Just read through the journal and looked through the scorecards and everything that has been left behind. It was awesome reading each entry and seeing just how far this bag has traveled. I cant wait to put it to use this weekend at Sand Valley, and hopefully I will have time for a loop at Waveland here in town as well.


@alexshreff…let’s make sure that bag is in Minnesota before the 8/15 North Star Shootout, OK? She needs to be seen by the strongest state contingent in the Refuge.

Make sure you take a MILLION pictures, we’re in major need of some content right now!

@BaxterMSP, I need to do a calendar check to confirm who still has trips happening and who doesn’t, so if it’s able to we’ll try to make it happen!


Roger that. I put it on the list after my Costa Rica trip was scrapped so hopefully we can make it work!

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So, uh, does anyone know where the bag is?



Yep I still have it. I haven’t heard from anybody yet to pass it along.

Looks like @Jack11211 is next on the list. Is Bethpage and the Flushing Meadows qualifier still happening?

I’m guessing not.


You can always send it back to NC and we can make sure it gets carried at some sweet courses where it hasn’t yet been carried.


I’ve got a trip to Sand Valley on the 16th of this month…


Yeah things up here are just too all over the place, I’ll happily use it later when it makes more sense, thanks!


I can get it in your hands if you want. Just had it up at sand valley but only carried it on the sandbox. We had some tough conditions and needed my full bag for rain/snow gear