Second City Golf Club vs. Fresh Coast Flock (Grand Rapids, July 2022)

Illinois…looks like you have a guy on the waitlist…and if I recall @tjesky72 is a Michigan guy…so swap him back to Michigan and bring up your waitlist guy? Just a thought. Unless you’ve already divulged all your secret plans to him of course.

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Anyone know Paul Glendenning’s username?

I’m in!


FCF is now LIV…pouching our guy…at least offer him money :slight_smile:


Jeez if only we had the resources of Liv…minus the horrendous social records.


Just wait until we make them wear the team uniforms and read talking points to the media after each round :wink:


Dinner RSVP Google Form should be in everyone’s inbox. Food will be:

Appetizers - buffalo wings, pretzel bites with beer cheese
Salads: greens salad and caesar salad
Entree: smoked pork shoulder with stout beer bbq sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with toasted almonds and butter
Dessert: brownie and cookie trays

They make it sound like all food is buffet style. Not sure.


Aspirational vibe at the scramble today.


Tagging the people that have not completed the RSVP Google Form. I need to have numbers and any potential dietary restriction menu changes to the brewery by middle of next week.

@dicksoch @Brentdtw @LinksandDrinks1 @GRGolfer @MorikawaForPres @natelapeer for the Michigan crew.

Also @gsteer19 is your friend in for dinner?

Here is the link:

Illinois guys:

@BadBrad @TCRBrad @treeputttim @tjesky72

Thanks everyone!!

Hey Everyone,

25 days to go!!!

Dropping a link to the shared Spotify playlist, feel free to add as many songs as you like.

Spotify Playlist 2CGC vs WCF


@krzeczowskimatt you want a spot on the 2C team for this event?

Following up again - @LinksandDrinks1 @natelapeer @treeputttim to fill out the form above, please and thank you.

Also @gsteer19 is your friend coming for dinner?

Sorry for the message barrage, New Holland just reached out to me asking for numbers.

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Unfortunately I will not be able to make it

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No worries!

@joepark the spot is still available if you want it! Follow this thread for all info about the weekend.

Any Michigan guys think they have a friend that can take an opening on team Illinois?

Bumping this. We need two subs, one for each team.

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Was coming to post this, double bump

Edit: we got ours lined up

We need one for the CHI outfit

Hey @FreshCoastFlock, I’ll be in GR next week, Th-Sat.

Playing the NLU circuit, but outside of golf what’s a can’t miss?

Breweries, dinners, Detroit style, breakfast, bars, light ‘em up!

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