Second City Golf Club vs. Fresh Coast Flock (Grand Rapids, July 2022)

A ok by me. We still need one more player/sandbagger if you know any good manipulators.


Shit, I can go out and play several times before the event. :smiley:

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Illinois guys please let me know if you have any pairing requests or I’m gonna make everything random

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Same here Flock. Let the Vice-Captain know and he’ll get it handled. :smiley:
Seriously though, let me know and I’ll get everything updated.

We still have 1 open spot. So feel free to jump back in if you can swing it.

WIll do for sure, hoping to hear back from the laser tag place this afternoon. I will mention again if someone can only play Saturday, I am available for Sunday regardless of my daughters party.

On Saturday is the plan to play in the same foursome at both courses?

I’d think we could maybe keep same twosome teams and just shuffle up the opponents a little without it being too much work? That lets us meet the most people, but doesn’t mess someone up too terrible of having to play last in the AM and first in the PM or anything. But I defer to my captain and will support him blindly no matter his decision.

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At least on Saturday so we can get from round 1 to 2 and not have to re-shuffle all that much.

Someone better at logistics and planning than I am may need to coordinate the actual times once we have groups but yeah, that sounds like it works.

You could do “pods” where two back to back tee times just swap half the people. (hope this makes sense)

Course 1
Tee time 1 Players: ABCD
Tee time 2 Players: EFGH
Course 2
Tee time 1 Players: ABGH
Tee time 2 Players: EFCD


Yup. This exactly

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Brent Azinger to the rescue. My Man. :smiley:

The only concern is for players GH to make their tee time since they’re playing a later AM time and earlier PM time.

Yes, but I think there should be plenty of time. For example, two players from 8:38 a.m. (second morning tee time) would have to make the 3:00 p.m. (first afternoon) tee time. That should work just fine right?

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Oh yeah, that timing should be fine. nice.

Agreed. I vote random pairings with foursome pod swaps, which is also the name of my new complex financial instrument and is in no way a scam. If people have specific playing partner requests, slot those in and randomize the rest.


Just heard back from the laser tag place. The employee that told us they had an opening on July 30 was wrong. That being said I kept my name on the waitlist in case someone needs me to come in for relief of Sunday. Also I still plan on coming for just drinks on Friday to see friends and meet new sickos!!

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So someone edited the Google Doc wrong and made it look like the Michigan team is full, but it’s not. @natelapeer is the first guy on the waitlist and he’s got a spot if he wants it.

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Man, this showing from Michigan…