(Scoring at Post 366) Florida Meetup - The StrappedDraw at Palatka Golf Club, August 1st

Just fyi I am still 100% down to play, fortunate enough to still be playing down here in South Florida. Been spending time building together a “strapped” dream set for my summer schedule and would love this event to come to fruition.


Where in south florida are you? I’m in miami but willing to drive… have gone over to Naples and more recently Palmaire in Pompano Beach. Struggle to find places that are open.

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Palatka has been in great shape lately. Definitely hope all of this will be long gone come July.


Just following up, unfortunately with the current situation we are pretty limited on bringing people out.

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Yep, we’re still a go for August 1. I haven’t put much thought into lately. Just been distracted with everything going on.

As of now it looks like the logistics of multiple courses might be too much given the unknowns. I think it probably makes sense to just plan for a longer meetup at Palatka with 18 in the morning followed by lunch in the clubhouse and a couple of hours of open play with the course to ourselves that afternoon. We’ll have the place from basically daylight to 3PM.

What else would you guys like to see as a part of the meetup?


I think Jax Beach might be a good idea either Friday afternoon or Sunday maybe.


Absolutely. I’ll be coming from Tampa so I’d probably prefer Sunday morning.

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Fingers crossed that this still goes down.

I’m in. Will drive up from Delray. All my other plans were shot because of the COVID. I have to take a certain amount of PTO, or lose it. So I need more golf.


I love it!!!

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Sign up below. #GetInvolved

Once we get a better understanding of when everything will go back to normal, @NoLayovers and I will try to hash out the extracurricular activities including a possible Jax Beach round on Sunday.


Just signed up on the roster. Planning to drive up Friday from west palm. Depending on work, may or not make it for WP9. There are some great Airbnb’s near Jax beach. Most likely stay in Jax beach both Friday and Saturday night. Doesn’t make sense for me to stay in Palatka then drive up to Jax on Sunday, to drive back south home. Really looking forward to this! Thanks to @NoLayovers for putting things together!


For some reason I can’t edit my original post, but here’s what it’s looking like currently. Scrapping the train and Orlando portion due to COVID/logistics challenges. This is based on some initial conversations with Co-Chairs (@Hwhite @JCO @OffTheDole)

Friday, July 31st
Morning and Afternoon rounds around Jacksonville/Northern St. Johns County.

Friday Morning
Open to suggestions on where to play. I’d probably prefer the south/east side of town. St. Johns Golf & CC or South Hampton?

Friday Lunch

Food/Beers at Valley Smoke or one of the other restaurants on the Intracoastal.

Friday Afternoon/Evening
I really want to play the Palm Valley Golf Course. Something beautiful to me about a Family-owned par-29 executive course 5 miles from PGA Tour HQ. Just found this recent video of Doc Redman and Sam Ryder playing it, which I hadn’t seen before Link: https://twitter.com/PGATOUR/status/1245116159529111552. Very laid-back 9-hole jaunt.

Palatka rented out from daylight-3PM

Saturday Morning/Early Afternoon
18-hole round (Hopefully NIT Qualifier) followed by lunch and then a couple of hours to play some cross-country holes, large-format, etc.

Saturday Afternoon/Early Evening
Beers/hangout on the deck at nearby restaurant/bar, Corky Bell’s. Awesome patio/deck.

Sunday Morning
Round at Jax Beach

Mentioning everyone that’s responded to the google sheet given how much has changed in the itinerary (and the world) since I originally posted this. Logistically this is going to be simpler to pull off and should still be a lot of fun.



@2ndGuyStripeShow See above

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Good stuff! Depending on what we decide to do for Friday morning. I know if we decide to go with St. John’s Golf and CC, @palmerwood52 might be able to help us out there. Once again, any other ideas for Friday morning are welcome.

@NoLayovers, I think dinner/beers/hangout Friday evening as well nearby Palm Valley Golf Course might be nice at least for those who would like to do that. Also, I’m guessing logistically for everyone traveling it might be worth staying somewhere in Jacksonville instead of Palatka but that’s entirely up to them.

Totally agree


Sounds good. It’s four hours or so from Delray, so I’ll probably come up Thursday night.

The last time I played St. John’s, admittedly years ago, course conditions were poor. If we play it, I’m hoping it’s better this time around…

St. John’s Golf Club (county course) and St. John’s Golf and CC are two different courses. I’m assuming you’re referring to SJGC.


Would I be a total scumbag if I was only available on Saturday?

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Looking like a great weekend! I’ll probably do the same as @JDinDelray and drive up Thursday afternoon. Def staying in Jax.

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