(Scoring at Post 366) Florida Meetup - The StrappedDraw at Palatka Golf Club, August 1st

I’m in

According to the roster, there is a total of 10 planning to be in a hotel or Airbnb near Jax. Not sure how many would be interested in the big house though

I’m down for a refuge house!

Only if you bring the flow with you…

The flow is still flowing flowingly

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I mean, it’s nickname is the Refuge. I feel like it was kind of meant to be, but who will brave the bunkbeds? It says it sleeps 10, but we know how that math works. It looks like it would “comfortably” sleep 7?

39 min - St. Johns CC
45 min - Palatka
1 hr - Jax beach

I’d be amenable to that, but what nights are you planning to get it/stay in it?

Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, return to Delray Sunday is gonna be me. Plus I haven’t even scoped out superchargers.

I believe I’ve spotted the super chargers at the Walgreens just off 95 in PSL, should be about right coming from Delray.

Planning on staying Fri - Sun. There is one right down the street from Port St. Johns CC, and 1 off 95 close to St. Augustine exit. As expected they are a little scarce in Palatka.


Looks like 3 rooms with queens/king beds, and 1 with the bunks right? Gonna be a very “comfortable” 7.

Probably Palm Bay is the critical one, because there’s nothing after that until St. Augustine itself.

That’s the one Elon just visited; right down the street from my house.

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Yeah, the description and pictures are hard to reconcile. From the pics is looks like only 5 would work, but the description says 4 twin bunk beds? :man_shrugging:

There’s one in Port Orange also, but it’s only 85ish miles from Palm Bay. So you could “top” off there and then its another 65ish miles to the St. Augustine one.

Palm Bay to St. Augustine is 143 miles. If I’m even having trouble with that distance, it’s time to hit up Uncle Elon for a better battery.

Also, to be honest, I’m not liking the twin bunk idea. I think I’m going to hotel it in St. Augustine.

It looks like this one would sleep 6, with only 1 shared room w/queens. It’s on South Hampton Golf course. I know it’s not on the beach but it is very centrally located.

St. Johns/S. Hampton - < 5 min
Palm Valley course - 20 min
Palatka - 50 min
Jax Beach - 35 min


That one looks promising.

This is probably our best bet; assuming we have 6 stay with us it will be $177/person (it’s marginally cheaper on Airbnb) for Fri & Sat night. 1st come, 1st serve who wants to reserve a spot here?


I’m in. Hopefully we get enough people.

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Would be in next year… Models show cases increasing and peaking in Florida late July. I have a family wedding the weekend after I still plan on attending and am going to two week quarantine for two weeks prior to the best I can to prevent me being a super spreader there.