Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

As a “community” resident, they indicate that I will still will have reduced rates. But I’m not quite sure what that means. Will they have rates without the full service food and beverage?

I really don’t like the direction the course has gone with this latest renovation. I played Sentry a lot about 10-15 years ago when I had a friend who was an assistant pro there and I could play for the cost of a cart (I think it was $8). I thought the renovation was good, but not great. But now with this third iteration I’m really not too interested in going back.

But let’s be real - I’m not the market Sentry is targeting, so I’m not sure if they care.

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I’m really not really sure who they’re targeting.

Ignoring availability. SV/MD is $235 vs SW’s $275 that includes food/drink. I’d make a pros/cons list comparing them at those rates, but it’d be laughably one sided.

Short of someone who is doing business with Sentry themselves or gets this thrown in with some trip package, I really don’t know who they expect to win over. People that light money on fire for the fun of it? Stoolies?


The same people that book up Kohler every year. Expense account salesguis.


I mean, I guess they might get tired of SV at some point, but that expense account should work just as well there as SW…

Don’t forget that in pre-peak season, you can get SV AND MD for ~$250, plus free play at The Sandbox after, if you want.


I have a friend that does one big sales trip a year with his customers. It’s to Kohler and he dropped $22k on the outing before the Ryder Cup.

I’ve told him for two years straight, stop going to Kohler. Go to Sand Valley. We went to Sand Valley this year, he now loves Sand Valley.

He won’t move the trip. His customers do not know Sand Valley. Kohler has the PGA/Ryder Cup prestige and that’s what those guys want. They want to brag about playing the Ryder Cup course to the other guys in the office.

I think the majority of golfers are the customer. Maybe SentryWorld is hoping to snag some of that market? Build prestige through Senior Open and LPGA events?


a big part of it also is that kohler allows carts on all the courses but one right? so after surviving straights the rest of the time they’re just driving around and crushing (whatever). walking SV is a huge asset to many (#thisisus) but is a liability to many as well.

i asked my caddy at straights what the average guy shoots out there. he said probably 120. lol.


Carts, great point.

Just @ me Chris.


If I @ you, I have to @ half this board.

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Hey WI Squad, I just jumped into #TheNest, and felt like this board was probably the safest place to get my bearings. I started playing golf in 2019, found NLU in 2020 and watched/listened through the archives, so I wanted to start supporting. I work in MKE (Stone Creek Coffee) and live in Oak Creek. If I’m not putting in the basement, I’m chasing bourbon.

Anything I need to know about how The Refuge and/or The Nest operate that you wish you would’ve known on day 1?


Welcome! First things first, love the Hot Rod quote for your tag line thing. Great start.

I don’t think anything is too crazy here as long as you take a little time to feel things out. Pick your spots early in the threads you feel you have a solid grasp on (which isn’t too tricky) and the rest you’ll catch up on eventually. On top of that, have fun, don’t take this too seriously, and try to not be a scumbag.

Again, welcome

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Welcome, @drewp.

Bourbon you say?

Basement putting?


First NLU event of 2022 in the area?


Sounds like a cold event and someone should supply the coffee…

Not sure if this is allowed here or not so here it goes.

Kind of last minute, but I wanted to see if any of the Wisconsin guis in here would like to join my golf league/pool/pickem for the PGA Tour season (I didn’t want to create it for all of the Refuge as that’s just too much for me to organize).

  • Good news - You pick your team and it’s basically set other than a few times throughout the year.
  • Bad news - It starts tomorrow so entries due today since golf starts this week on Wednesday.

If you are interested, shoot me a DM and I will email you all the details. Not a huge pool, usually around 15-30 entries and each entry is $50 per. Thanks!

2 things John, you gotta change your handle to more than one time, and I’ll shoot you a text for details.

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Also in Oak Creek, play oakwood park a decent amount. Will have to get together for a round this season.


Need to plan summer family vacation. Generally, we go to the Traverse City area. Prices are getting way too insane for a small family over there though.

Never been to Hayward or Minocqua. Anyone have any insights? Golf is doubtful even though Big Fish has been on my radar for a long time.


We go to the Hayward/Cable area every year around 4th of July. Have stayed on a bunch of different lakes up there. Slim pickings around the 4th at this point but plenty of cabins available late July/August. Big Fish, Hayward GC, Cumberland GC all great, would recommend trying to play Big Fish, even if you can just play the back 9 it’s worth it.

DM me for more specifics on that area if you’d like, happy to share my experiences

No doubt. That’s right down the road and is probably the course I play the most.