Roll Call: Western New York, Lake Effect Roost sign up,

It was bad enough when Tap & Mallet closed, if Old Toad went too all I’d have left of my golden years is Acme :pensive:


The owner of Tap&Mallet opened Sheffield Tavern on Monroe in Brighton.

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Got a question for the hitters in the Rochester area. Attending a graduation for a cousin in Syracuse the week of the PGA and luckily will be getting passes to attend on Thursday. I’ve tried looking but haven’t seen, do any of y’all know the logistics of parking and what not? PGA site sucks at delivering info

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I believe the parking will be at RIT’s campus and then the shuttle bus will take you from there.

Some homes around the course will offer parking in their yards, but that will be few and far between.

EDIT: Spectator Guide | PGA Championship

There will be parking at MCC and RIT that will have shuttle service. There’s also going to be a ride share lane set up, apparently if you just search PGA Championship in the app it will auto insert the appropriate address

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Parking at MCC should be pretty easy. I remember everything flowing pretty smoothly when I went in 2013

Anybody have room for a friendly stranger in a 2some or 3some on Thursday or Friday AM (week of PGA) in the area? Coming into to town to stay with a friend (and Pittsford native) and attend the tournament.

I haven’t made a time yet but me and my old man are gonna play that Friday morning. I’ll keep you posted

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Yeah 2013 logistics were great. Had a short bus ride into the gate from MCC. Basically no waiting.

All the recs have been incredible. Thanks, y’all.

We’ve got two spots available at Greystone on Friday 5/19. Anyone want to join?

Editing to add: 3PM.


Still searching for our hitter blanco(s). 3PM tee time this Friday at Greystone. Going to call the course tomorrow afternoon to open two spots back up otherwise.

Let me check with Mrs Power. Might be tough for me to swing that late but I’ll give it a shot.

Greystone is in such good condition right now.


Sorry but I can’t play that late. The wife kindly reminded me that our boys have baseball games that night.

Enjoy your round! Couple quirky holes out there but overall is a really fun course. Forecast looking perfect for Friday as well

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What did you think of Greystone?

Josh was just checking in to see if we had a solid plan for WNY/Lake Effect match play summer series yet? Looks like we have 14 guys, was wondering if we should all get together for a 14 person stroke play event and seed based on that event, with 14 guys top 2 get byes into 2nd rd for single elimination! since guys are spread out between cuse and buffalo maybe do stroke play event in the roc? Greystone or Ravenwood? Also not sure if I missed something somewhere, 3 kids under 6, so it’s definitely possible!

14 guys is 4 rds of single elimination so if we set the stroke play tourney for June then have each match played in July, August, September with the finals in October!


This is one hell of an idea! Love it!

I was thinking of just seeing it up starting June. (In selfishness i knew i would be home) and was hoping we could have it done by sept sometime before i left again. Of course i want to do it. But It’s also not a big deal if I’m not. The biggest thing was there is one guy in Syracuse. So i was hoping to get an even amount and do a east and west bracket with each winner playing for the crown. Also bring first time i always think just do it easy and get it done get the involvement and then get new cool ideas for next time cause barring no one is a (illegalky unregistered sex offender) then everyone will have fun and want to do it again.

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So i was going to say by Sunday at 12 if you aren’t registered for the match play we will close it. If you are signed up and don’t want in then please let me know or take your name off. I will set up a video call and figured i would just run a duck race for seeding. Unless we miraculously get an even amount from east and west. So if anyone from the east even has a buddy that would commit that’s cool. Maybe they will end up a nester. But i don’t think you have to be part of it in the other matchplays.

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Here’s the bracket for Matchplay. Congrats to the 2 byes!


Josh, Thanks for setting up the match play event! Any chance we could move the 1st rd of the matchplay out a week or two, a week and a half to get the match completed is a little tough with 3 kids! Do we have a date for the finals yet? Since its 4 rounds, maybe do 1st round in June, 2nd is July, 3rd in August and then set the championship for September 9th or 16th? I apologize if this was discussed on the Whats App as I am not on that chat thread!

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