Roll Call: Western New York, Lake Effect Roost sign up,

I also have an idea for a logo for The Lake Effect Roost, or whatever iteration of Lake Effect we come up with! I think Lake Effect fits us better than Rust Belt because all of WNY is really known to get hammered by Lake Effect Snow! My logo idea is below.

A guy in a full snow suit swinging a snow shovel like a golf club, was going to have him following through with the shovel hitting a snow ball and either having it explode on impact of the shovel or exploding in the distance. Was thinking of having the guy in a full red or orange snowsuit (thinking mountain climber snowsuit) so he would pop in the snow! I am working on getting a couple preliminary logos drafted up and will share here within the next week or 2! The images below show approximately what I’m thinking, we could also maybe do a side view for the logo showing when contact is made with the snowball!

If everyone could please let me know their thoughts on this that would be great!

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Alright. So like the pga and liv merger. I will make some changes. Because i want to make sure we all get our matches in and i want too be able to play the final if I’m in it and at least join the 2 playing. The final 4 and champ will be tbd. Shouldn’t need long to get those matches in. But 1st and 2nd round e will give to end of June for rd1 and end of july for rd2. I usually leave for work in sept so wanted to be done by then. And hoping there’s a tablebreakee event in September.

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That said if your round 2 match is set you can play it before rd1 matches complete. I just want to make sure we get it in. Also thought about a losers bracket if those who lose want to. But for round 1 the matches need to be played before July 1.

It would be cool if we picked a course and a date for the final and tried to get everyone together to play that day, have some side games and get a little action going! Championship match go off last and everyone sees them finish, just hope we don’t have stephen ames situation! We could do food drinks at the club and crown the champ!


That would be ideal and hopefully we can shoot for that if it lined up for the guys in the finals and everyone else. We shall see what happens

Calling Jordan N are you in the forum here or in the WhatsApp? Looks like we’re matched up in the first round

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What’s up guys. I’m originally from Buffalo and haven’t played out that way in quite a while. Was thinking about a late June early July trip out to Sheridan Park. Remember really enjoying it there. If anyone is interested in meeting up let me know and let’s lock a date in. Can share what’s been working well for us in NEOH as far as Roost stuff goes. Go Bills

Calling my guy @jsauce if you’re still out there


Howdy friend! Still here. I should be around, and depending on the day, should be able to join. Haven’t played SP myself so would be fun to check out a new track.

@JoshBWNY has kind of been our unofficial lead on the WNY roost, so would be good for ya’ll to chat.


@RossK2012 I havent played it myself but definitely on the list. I think most would safely put it top 3 of the public tracks in the area.

@JBillyNickGoBills you around to try to get a match in sometime soon? My weekends the next two weeks are shit but can make time during the week.

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Absolutely man. Where are you at? I work at UB so I’m usually free in the evenings or could make a mid-day round work.


I live right next to Park CC I’ll text you from the sign up sheet

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Last match for first round. Hopefully you guys can get it in before july1! Good luck.

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Thought I’d post this here if any Western NY folks want to join. 7/15 we have spots at Mill Creek State Park outside of Youngstown, OH. 36 holes of Donald Ross…


Caddied there in the mid 90’s and embarrassed myself there with a buddy 2 years ago at the Member Guest. The “Park Pour” is very real.

Posting here because it seemed much more active than the Central NY thread.

I just booked some work in the New Hartford area the week of 7/24. I’m flying into Syracuse a couple of days early though and bringing my clubs. Looking for

  • any course recommendations in Buffalo/Rochester/etc areas. I live in MT and am fine driving 2+hours
  • if anyone is looking for a 4th (or 3rd, or 2nd) for the 22nd/23rd (I can provide references)

I’m still new to the area and would say the public golf scene in Roc is better than Buffalo. I’d say look at Greystone, Ravenwood or Deerfield.

If I am free, I’d be happy to join. No references needed, your track record on here speaks for itself, IMO

Roc public Def better and better value for most part. And obviously if your in syra use buf would be a drive. Keep in touch i would love to try and link up.

Thanks guys! I’ll circle back a little closer to the end of the month.

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Are you going to be staying in New Hartford? Based on proximity to New Hartford (I had to look this up), here are some recommendations.

South of New Hartford:

  • Seven Oaks (Colgate University)
  • Leatherstocking

Between Syracuse & New Hartford:

  • Green Lakes State Park Golf Course
  • Turning Stone Courses

Rochester Area:

  • The Links at Greystone
  • Ravenwood
  • Sodus Bay Heights