Roll Call: Western New York, Lake Effect Roost sign up,

Looking for anyone on here from Western NY. I play wherever, and not a member at a club. If anyone wants to grab a round, hit me up here.

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Rochester, here. Where do you play normally?

Hey BKarre- I generally play at Buffalo Tournament Club or Glen Oak. I have played Ravenwood and Victor Hills in the past, as well as Mill Creek, so I am familiar with some Rochester courses. Where do you play?

I’ve bounced around all the publics here in Rochester, lots of rounds at Mill Creek. Greystone is a haul from Buffalo for you, but definitely worth it once a year. Most of my golf now is at Brook-Lea CC.

There are some great courses out in Buffalo, I enjoy Arrowhead in Akron and the Links at Ivy Ridge as well (just signed up for a 4 man best ball tourney at Arrowhead on 8/26).

Looks like it’s just us here from Western NY in the refuge…

I have played Greystone in the past, and enjoyed it. I like Arrowhead and Ivy Ridge…just played in a tournament at Ivy in fact. It does look like its just us. If I get some guys to head to Rochester to play, and we need a 4th, I will give you a shout.

I lived in Rochester for the first 22 years of my life, but I don’t live there anymore so I’m probably not useful to this thread. Just wanted to let you know there’s someone else on the refuge that knows this area. I half expected someone to post that they’re from the western side of manhattan.

I do visit occasionally. I’ve played all the courses you mentioned and that brings back some memories. I played at Stafford CC most of my high school and college years. I also like Mill Creek and Ravenwood.

New guy here. I live in Pittsford and play out of Mendon Golf Club.

I’m from Victor and play out of Champion Hills but always up for a game in the area. Love Greystone & need to see Stafford next season.

Buffalo here.

Arrowhead, Ivy Ridge, Seneca Hickory Stick, Harvest Hill, Glen Oak are the usuals. Happy to play any of them anytime. My usual foursome often has 1 or 2 less players because those guys got married.

Often get over the border to play both Legends courses, Thundering Waters, and my personal favorite in the entire area, Grand Niagara.

Been to Ravenwood and I really like it, badly want to get to Greystone someday.

Gretystone is a fun course. My father in-law was a member of Stafford for a long time, the course is great.

I’m a Buffalo guy. Don’t belong anywhere (too much money for that to be worthwhile) but I play a lot of the private courses when I cajole an old friend to take me out. Love Ivy Ridge and Harvest Hill, and canada’s Courses are all in great shape. Let me know if you ever want to get out or need a 4th.

Hey, another Buffalo guy here, just dove into the refuge… I play all the public tracks as well, just joined Lancaster but if ever in need of a 4th let me know! Go Bills!


Anyone down to play this Sunday? Weather looks like it will be fine and my day is wide open.

Was thinking of playing Peak N Peak ($50 after 1pm with a cart), would walk somewhere #woke like Chautauqua Point, or open to just about anything between Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

I may be down near Chautauqua Point Sunday morning. If so, that walk sounds like a winner. I will let you know if we end up there Saturday Evening. Don’t wait just for me, but if you don’t find other plans, Ian be available.


Sounds great. I’m usually a last minute plans kind of guy, so I’ll message you my number…if you end up in the area, great, if not no biggie either!

Paging @jasona93 - free Sunday? Could we get a mini Refuge meetup going?

I would totally be down, but Viva Las Vegas tomorrow. This spring has been so rotten, I can’t wait to experience heat and hit to my actual yardages. Peak and Peek next weekend? I hadn’t heard of Chautauqua Point but looks pretty cool and the price is incredible. Next weekend odds are I’d have a +1, my golf road trip buddy.

Enjoy it! Vegas will be a blast.

Unfortunately next weekend I’m in Pittsburgh for a wedding.

Chautauqua Point is interesting. Claims they were designed by Donald Ross but not on Ross’s registry of courses. I’d like to get there and get to the bottom of the history with someone that works there.

Syracuse NY here… Member at Tuscarora

New member here from the Buffalo area. I usually play anywhere public in the Buffalo and Rochester area. Also play in many of the NYSGA events.

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Vegas was awesome. Hitting clubs their normal distance and seeing balls run out instead of plug was a real treat. Played Glen Oak in Buffalo today, and they’re doing a wonderful job with the course, but its so soft out there in spots, this ‘spring’ has been brutal everywhere.

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