Roll Call: Washington DC/DMV Area

Hello fellow patriots :saluting_face:

I’m headed to our nation’s great capitol from the PNW next week for a psychology conference. If I can I’d like to play East Potomac while I’m there. Is there anyone in the area that would be interested in joining? I am thinking Thursday the 25th, looks like there are still times on the blue course, but open to other days if it means more people can play. Hope I can meet a few other Nesticles!


I can join you Thursday if it was early in the morning, such as before 830.

I could play Friday whenever.

No matter what, you will find some sickos that are available


Gents - I’m sure we’re all Strapped boys at heart around here, but curious if anyone has any intel on the downstrokes and monthly fee info for some local private clubs. Curious in particular about Belle Haven, Mount Vernon, Kenwood, and Woodmore, but would take any info you got. FWIW, I’m 35. And yes I know it’s going to be a huge kick in the dick compared to a lot of other markets across the country. Just wondering quite how much.


Belle Haven is 80k initiation (they ended their under-40 joiner program, which was a tad cheaper) and probably 400-600 a month. And I’m pretty sure they have a waitlist but take that with a grain of salt

That’s a healthyyyy number. Thanks for the info.

Former, very short-time member of Woodmore here. You could do worse, but you could also do much, much better.

Extremely affordable by the area’s standards. I think I paid $2k initiation (this was a special offer at the time, not sure of any offers since). The course layout is pretty fun and can be quite challenging.

The conditions leave something to be desired, though I guess you get what you pay for. But my biggest complaint was the way the club itself was managed. Some nice people, but it just added up to be too frustrating. Some highlights for me…

  • Everything I ordered through the pro shop was screwed up in some way (clubs with the wrong specs, a Titleist order of Pro V1s that were supposed to be #21 that ended up being regular balls #1-4 with “21” printed on the side, etc.), my locker’s name plate was spelled incorrectly before they ordered a replacement, which was also spelled incorrectly
  • Countless events that were heavily advertised but just never happened due to a lack of organization. Some where they’d advertise it but never do anything else and it would never happen…some where they’d discuss it, such as a Masters weekend event, and then the weekend would come and go without anything…
  • This seems to be an issue for this area generally, so probably not fair to blame Woodmore, but I also did not have the easiest time getting tee times. It was very similar to East Potomac - for weekend mornings, you must get them as soon as they open up the week before or you can forget it. Not a huge deal really, but bothered me enough to contribute to me leaving

This is also a personal thing, but I also came to find that the club was just a bitch to get to. That was probably one of my biggest problems with it, and of course it’s my own fault, not theirs.

I’d be happy to answer any more specific questions you have, but I’d only join Woodmore if you live nearby and know what you’re getting and are fine with it.


I’m at Lansdowne, young executive membership still available. DM me, will go into greater detail.

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I have one spot available tomorrow morning at St Potomac links @810 am with myself and PNW visitor @BitsandPieces01 !

Edit: spot filled


Where will you be living?

Navy Yard for me, which is somewhat complicating. Willing to go far-ish into VA, less far-ish into MD, just given how the rest of my life is laid out.

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I live in Navy Yard, so I can bump that “probably shouldn’t join Woodmore” to a “definitely don’t join Woodmore.”

One of my biggest frustrations was that I really had to play at the crack of dawn to make the drive there palatable.

But I suppose you could say that for a lot of places in the DMV…at least from Navy Yard. When I was initially looking at places, the commutes to many turned me off.

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I play at stoneleigh in Loudoun. I’d say it’s a good hr from navy yard.

During the week. You can play whenever you want all the time. Weekends are busier as expected.

The only east access golf from navy yard is EP or Langston. The nice thing is you can play 9 on White or Red courses at EP any morning before work for very little money, and the Langston range + short game areas are solid. You’ll get by.

Does anyone need the DC Guest Set this weekend? Seems like we have some visitors from other roosts in town