Roll Call: Washington DC/DMV Area

I’ve searched around and found Maryland and Virginia Roll Calls but for those of us awkwardly stuck in between the 2 figured we needed some representation and I haven’t been able to find an existing one.

So I’ll go first, just moved to DC this year and am hitting all the public tracks. East Potomac is easily the most accessible and affordable so that’s where I spend most of my Sunday afternoons but am always looking to get out of the city and play some nicer tracks


Welcome! I would point you to the mid Atlantic RACDG thread, there are a few DC area golfers in there. @JMAGS has done the lord’s work as a community organizer. I’m in Lorton, right around the corner from Laurel Hill but play everywhere from UMD to Frederick county courses and have a big old soft spot for Langston.

If your ever looking for a game let me know, Cheers.

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Paging @RobertHunter

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Didn’t even know the RACDG existed but looks great!

welcome to the area @kenn_tres !

I moved to DC almost two years ago, and like yourself, play mostly the public tracks, East Potomac or Langston. As @kpzaga22 mentioned, you should check out the Mid Atlantic RACDG thread and sign up for the chapter if you are interested. We are currently planning a spring time event to play two restored Mike Stranz courses outside of Richmond, VA.

I am going to play at Langston tomorrow morning (11/28). Let me know if you want to play.

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I come up to DC about once a month to purchase legal medicines and play here and there so Im gonna post in here, but I live in Roaoke

Anyone looking for a round this weekend?

I’ve been in D.C. for 5-years now and picked up golf a couple of years back. I try to get a round in at East Potomac weekly.

Weather for Sunday (1/5) looks playable, I’m definitely going to try to get a round in for anyone who might want to join.

Interested, I’ll message you later

let me know what time you guys are thinking for Sunday.

Mid 60s on Sunday have the 9 am at Langston if any one is looking for a game

new here – just jumping into this thread – I’m out in Potomac Falls VA . got a good group of guys that play all the time


Got two topics for my DC Refugee brethren to weigh in on:

  1. Course recommendations that would have decent rental clubs in the Alexandria area
  2. Restaurant recos for large group `24 in the National Harbor area (Is this area totally touristy?)

Thanks in advance!

@tedscott tagged me while I was in another hemisphere so my bad for missing this earlier, but I live in DC and play at Langston pretty frequently when I’m not on dumb spontaneous golf trips

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If you’re limiting yourself to Alexandria, there aren’t many public options. Greendale Golf Course is probably your best bet and per website they rent clubs, but I have no idea the quality of what you’re getting from a county course.

If you’re willing to go a bit further south down 95 you can play Pohick Bay or Laurel Hill, which are much nicer than Greendale. There may also be some options in the Ft. Washington, MD area, but I’m not that familiar with golf that side of the Potomac.

As for restaurants, there are a lot of options in National Harbor, but I’ll defer to someone who knows the area better than I do.

Anybody have a recommendation for an instructor in the area? I was thinking about getting cheap as hell coronavirus flights to Austin to bother @imsocrabby, but I figure it’s probably easier just to find someone good out here.

The two I’ve heard good things about in the VA side of the area are Eisman Golf Academy at Laurel Hill and the Academy at 1757. Both have great practice facilities for public courses and the instructors were rated as some of the best in VA by Golf Digest.

I actually took my first lesson at Eisman with one of the assistants last week, and was really happy with the instruction. I’ve had a few friends that were really happy with 1757 as well, but that’s a bit of a hike to get to if you’re inside the beltway.

Dave Newsome at 1757. Big fan, have been for a long time.

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I originally checked in on the Roll Call: Virginia thread. I’m in NoVA, and a member out at Lansdowne.

Any suggestions for courses within an hour or so of Seven springs resort in PA?