Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - 2024 RTGS Sign-Ups in Post 2715

Edit: missed the SEATAC area, disregard. I’ll let others chime in.

Do you want to be in the “sea-tac” area of just looking for quick courses on the way to portland?

Former: Fosters in Tuckwila is a quirky old course. Par 68, 4800 yards, smol greens.

Latter: Allenmore in Tacoma. My Home course. Muni in the middle of Tacoma, also old and short but not nearly as quirky as* Fosters.

I wouldn’t suggest posting a scored from either to your handicap, unless you are actively trying to sandbag, lol.

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The recommendation I’d make, @Jammer

Has just enough going on to be quite fun. The greens are certainly the defense. Good variety of holes. Not gonna knock your socks off, but it’s a solid challenge that’s also affordable and a nice walk (other than the walk up to 18 tee haha). We’ve had a roost event there the last couple of years. As I said, it’s solid

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Hey, @BryceMax , I’m a Portland area local although I’ve been a ghost on here and the PNW discord of late due to craziness at work plus a Pending move from Albuquerque to Portland. Hit me up sometime in the second half of July and we can try to get out somewhere. I’m a member at the reserve in Aloha, but I also like to play just about anywhere around town.

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I was thinking playing and then heading out of town so in the area of Sea-tac, but if there is a can’t miss on the way back to portland that works too

  1. A reminder that the June meetup is this Saturday. Still have some spots available! The final 2 spots on the Regionals team, joining Alex and Jeff, will be locked in Saturday night.

  2. The July meetup signups are open. It is July 8th at Legion Memorial, with tee times starting at Noon. It is a Chapman format, so you do need to find a partner.

  3. Regionals against the Vancouver BC and Nor Cal squads are July 29th at Gold Mountain starting at about 10am and July 30th at Chambers starting at about 9:45am. I know the Vancouver guys are bringing an extra 8 guys (yes, to play golf beforehand, but also) to walk and support their groups. If anyone doesn’t have anything going on that weekend, I’m sure some caddying and cheerleading could be beneficial towards sending our squad to Sweetens!

  4. Snohomish sign-ups are open! Saturday, August 12th with tee times starting at 10:44

  5. Still have 30-ish spots open for OP3 at Wine Valley on September 9th-10th

Sup Y’all. Hope you all are doing great up there!

Coming up for the Regional to support on the 30th of July.

That said, also looking at playing 36 at Chambers on the 29th.

I’m slotted at 3pm as a single.

But obviously I’d love to play with any chapter folks up there if you have times that day.

But yea worst case I’ll get a morning slot somehow someway!


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Still quite a few spots available for this Saturday at Legion!

As it is a muni, the pros do have to follow their 48 hour prepayment requirements even though they’ve been quite nice and relaxed throughout the process. So, I need players to send me their $60 (taxes and fees inclusive) greens fee by Wednesday night, or I will have to eliminate your spot when they ask how many are playing and I have to pay on Thursday.

Please send it to @ Matthew-Essig (last 4 digits are 9234 if you need them) on Venmo. Same pfp as on here.

Unfortunately, I have to work Saturday, so you won’t be seeing me there :cry:
Be courteous. Please don’t get us banned by being dicks or playing slow :joy:


How do I get the cool PNW Roost Badge added to my avatar?


Just added you

Under “preferences” → and “account” → it’s selectable in “flair”

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We might need to install some sort of prospecting system and probationary prior. Not sure we should just be handing out patches…

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How do we remove @̶C̶h̶i̶c̶o̶ @RyMo—who lives in Hawai’i—from our roost?


I mean he’s in the North Pacific Ocean. And further west than any of us.

So technically is Hawaii Pacific North West?

Location isn’t a restriction to which Roost you decide to join :sweat_smile:

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Oh shit, say less.

I’d like to formally open my courtship…


Once I win at Wine Valley you’re stuck with me.


I thought you were pnWo?


I’m whoever is paying the most


I’m going to be around Cle Elum/suncadia august 13-20th for a family holiday. I’ll be looking to golf a couple of times while I’m there so if any locals want to play or offer some tips for courses I’m all ears.

can I hop on the “flair” train? lol

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