Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - 2024 RTGS Sign-Ups in Post 2715

Yessir. I think I paid $180 last May when we went over to play. Best course in the state IMO.


Looks like you can’t book a single on their site.

Give 'em a call tomorrow. Not uncommon for online booking at most courses to not allow singles and force you to call

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Yea it’s def a higher end course thing from what I’ve seen. I want the 640am tee time and it’s an hour drive.

Wine Valley absolutely slaps. Go play it.


Everything in EWA is basically worth the price.

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Hey all, the Oregon roll call thread is pretty sleepy, wondering if there are Portland area folks in the mix here? Looking to expand my community in the area and make more golf friends. Any meetups/leagues/games/etc in the area folks recommend?

We have a whole PDX thread in our discord

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Played Homestead this morning and holy shit they somehow have kept the tees and fairways pretty good but I have never seen bunkers that bad and the greens were horrendous.

A guy on the range says they are shutting down soon, not sure if it’s for good but whoever the super is needs to be banned from ever stepping foot on a golf course again.

Fun layout though!

Wine Valley def did slap. In more ways than one! The course was fantastic! Glad i went and not often that when i ask about a course i get only good response usually get some saying it’s not that good. When i had 5 right away say play it. I knew i had to. But i didn’t want to be slapped with 18-20mph straight wind all round lol. Hit a couple drives great and only went 200yds. Lol. Was going to play off 6500 but when i got there i said no way am i going to try that it will ruin my enjoyment. So ended up playing the blues. Glad i did and glad i played. Great course. Thanks for the recs


Glad you enjoyed it!

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This post is for Non PNW Crew Members or those PNW Crew folks that aren’t active in our Discord. If you’re ever in the Great NW and you want to play Chambers, I have a bunch of times reserved for the year, and Monday through Wednesday, you’ll get my member rate, so please tag me and I’ll try my best to make something work for ya. And speaking of t times, I have one next Tuesday, June 6th at 9:24, weather forecast is looking pretty sweet, 80’s if you like that kind of thing :wink:


Welp… time to get the camping gear back out

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More questions from a Texan: how are Salish Cliffs and Gold mountain? The weekend I’m looking at coming to Tacoma CC chambers has an event and is a no go. I could fly to Portland and do witch hollow and gearhart before Tacoma or gold mountain and Salish cliffs. I’ve played pumpkin ridge before tho

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Gold mountain is a great deal for a great course, because it’s so out of the way relative to the main seattle area. We had our Roost Championship there a few weeks ago.

If you can make a 36 hole day of it, it’s worth it. If not, play Olympic.


Skip Pumpkin and Salish and do Gearhart and GM. Do it. You won’t :eyes:


Your second option would be the better play. Salish is okay. Gold Mountain is great, but anytime you can play Gearhart, do it.

Salish is a cart only course, and can be relentless, but I think it is beautiful; the first time I played it, it knocked my socks off, thought it was stunning. I echo the Gearhart sentiments though, incredible vibe, which is an overused term in the NLU community, but here it is appropriate. For the courses you mention, I’d rate them as follows:
And Gold Mountain Olympic, only a tick above Salish, just because of the walking aspect.

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the hero we deserve

Hey All! Looking for some course advice for next Sunday in the SeaTac area. Playing gold mountain friday, chambers and home course sat, and want to play somewhere on sunday morning before driving back to portland. Twosome…

Any recommendations?