Roll Call: Virginia

@Sixcat heard ill be in your neck of the woods Friday

Nice! Where you playing?

Blue Ridge CC for the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce tourney

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I’ve been a member over half my life. Have you ever played there?

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nope sure havent…ive got a customer up in hillsville who has a team in it, but only 2 guys at their shop play so one of them hit me up

hes a member there apparently as well…looks like a cool spot

Nothing fancy. Solid golf course with a very involved membership base. The course is in good shape but the greens are always in great shape. A few spots in the low areas around Cranberry Creek have taken a beating with the wet weather the past 18-months. Plays a little longer than the scorecard indicates because of the elevation change. A lot of really good players within the membership. I mean, really good players! The 2015 USGA 4-Ball runners-up from Olympic Club are members. Tom McKnight grew up playing here and is still a member. He beat Sergio Garcia in the 1998 US Amateur Semifinal and lost to Hank Kuehne in the final. Finished a shot behind Sergio for low amateur in the 1999 Masters and made the cut.

Outstanding junior program throughout the years. Produced 8 state championships for the local high school. For $210 per year, juniors can play unlimited golf without having to purchase stock. Lanto Griffin played here regularly before he reached the PGA Tour. He’s good buddies with a bunch of the former junior members he grew up playing with. Almost all of which are full members today.

Best of all, after stock purchase, dues are $610 a year!

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wow, thats really cool there man. i knew lanto was from the area or at least somewhere down there but had never heard of the others. certainly is some impressive stats from the members and pretty cool tidbits i can share and look like i know something

looking forward to heading up that way and getting to check it out, looking like 70 on friday so thats about perfect

Let me know if you want some insight into anything locally. I will definitely be around there somewhere on Saturday. My wife will likely be working with the Chamber as well. She’s the reginal SBDC Director.

tourney is friday…im just going to drive up that morning and head back after the golf is over, wont be hanging around or anything

i do like hitting up 508 for lunch when i am up that way seeing them…they got some good food, but those pastries they got in the case downstairs are always banging

Sorry, should have said Friday rather than Saturday. I will be around Friday as well. Office closes at noon and I usually head straight to BRCC.

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lets go…sounds like a reason to play 9 more

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Sounds like a plan!

we have a few spots left for anyone who wants to make a last minute trip to Aiken next weekend.

Hey @country35, I am heading to SML with some buddies in a couple of weeks, and we are thinking of playing Ashley Plantation on the way down. What kind of condition is it in right now?

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We have bent greens, and they had been rather slow until about the last few weeks, but really coming in great now that its not cooled off. Fairways on a couple holes this year have taken a hit for sure, we had some flooding here in june. Its definitely not anything I would go out of my way to play or make a special trip for, and this is coming from a member who plays 3x a week out there. For a public course for $45, I’d put us slightly above some place like raspberry falls up north, closest kind of track I can compare to. Lots of elevation, par 6 is a gimmicky hole and easy birdie. I’m assuming you are looking for something on the route to the lake kind of thing as opposed to a unique gem of a course in the area?

@Fore20 played with me 2nd week of october there last fall after a morning round at ballyhack, should be about the same conditions we can see what he thought too

this was 18 like a month ago, meh

par 6 this march

decent wedge I hit last week lol

I have guys coming down from Delaware, Baltimore and DC, meeting up with a contingent from Richmond. We are looking for something that isn’t too far out of the way on the trip down to the lake. We are playing Waterfront and Waters Edge at the lake, this is just a bonus (warmup) round. Spring Creek is also in the mix, but I think is is a little steep for what it is (and I say that as the one guy with reciprocity who will only be paying cart fees).

Anything that you would recommend?

You would have to pay up for it, but I really enjoyed my time at Poplar Grove in Amherst (I played pre reno) hear its even better now.

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