Roll Call: Virginia

They’ve been rough and shaggy every time I’ve been, so don’t get your hopes up either way but I think so

Every course will be drenched for a while but does anyone in the Northern Virginia area have interest in playing a round Sunday?

Saw this on Arlnow website:

Its a scramble at Army Navy (Arlington course). 925 for a team, but its for a good cause. Its on Oct 5th (which is a Monday). Not sure if I can make it, but looks like a good opportunity to play a good course.

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rough and shaggy might be greater than having to fix 20 ball marks on every green…

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I like your attitude bro, we def need to hook up soon. If you havent played there by May, I’m gonna bring you with me

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Hail mary here, but anyone have an open spot within 45 min of downtown Fredericksburg tomorrow AM?

Damn, really wish this wasn’t on a Monday. Seems like a cool event.


I’m guessing they are hurting for entries a bit if they’re advertising in ArlNow, so hoping that means it doesn’t fill quickly, but definitely intrigued. Monday is tough, but strongly considering trying to play since I’ve never had the chance to play ANCC.

monday is when all the tourneys are held at good courses

surely this isnt really a surprise though, im sure sure i can remember a public tourney being on any day besides monday at a private club

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Yeah, kicks my butt and lose a bunch of balls but its fun and open most of the time. Let’s link up soon for sure!

@Sixcat this is a long shot I’m sure, but any chance you have any updated info on Gordon Trent golf course? My company put a team in a capts choice for a fundraiser for the local FD, and I’m the guy who sold them the truck so I need to be there. Praying its not as bad as it appears but free golf is free golf.

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@country35 Incredibly fun layout. Conditions aren’t the greatest but it’s very playable. I have enjoyed it every time I have played there.

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hell yeah man! thanks. I’ll be missing the opening morning of bow season, but if I have to work I guess this is best option. Looked like on the card, more than a few shots to bomb at greens too.

Oh yeah, it’s a very short course. I would even venture to say, with doglegs, some of those holes are shorter than the scorecard indicates. Two real negatives are OB on both sides of #1 and some greens that are quite a ways from the next tee. But like I said, it’s a fun little course if you don’t have inflated expectations.

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Anyone have any experience with Golden Eagle at the Tides Inn?

Hey @country35 I grew up a few miles away from there (where I learned to play). It is a fun course, small greens and short. A typical country course. A few drivable par 4’s. Been a few years since I played but if the greens are rolling you will have a great time.


Whelp, just got back from my first trip to Royal New Kent. Oh man, what a treat. First of all, it’s in incredible shape. Didn’t see any burned out areas and only a few minor areas that took on a lot of rain. Next, I played a single. Played a few balls on each hole and took some time to take it all in. Not many folks out there but did get stuck behind a FIVE SOME with FIVE CARTS at 15 which slowed down the pace a lot. Overall, loved it. Can’t wait to go back.


Hampton Roads golfers, playing Bid-A-Wee tomorrow for the first time. Anything I need to know before I get out there? Anyone played it recently and can help a brother out with a conditions scouting report?

bring your boots/waders - got a ton of rain down here last night

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How did you like it? Played there all the time growing up… my Grandfather helped open/was the club pro there for like 40 years.